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How much weight can a garbage truck lift?

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How much weight can a garbage truck lift?

The garbage truck transports the collected garbage to the garbage recycling station every day, and the garbage is sorted and processed after the recycling station. If the garbage truck has recyclable garbage, it will be recycled and reused; if it can be incinerated to generate electricity, it will be used for incineration; if the contaminated liquid is processed and discharged, etc.


Here is the content list:

The work efficiency and loading weight of the garbage truck

Introduction of the largest container loading box for garbage trucks

Introduction of the control device when the garbage truck lifts weight


The work efficiency and loading weight of the garbage truck

The garbage truck can swing the arm for a cycle of 60S. The garbage truck is separated from the body and can be used by multiple people in one vehicle. The circular transportation fully improves the transportation capacity of the vehicle. It is especially suitable for short-distance transportation, such as the sanitation department to the city. Garbage is cleared and transported.


The weight of urban garbage trucks generally does not exceed 2 tons. Because of the restrictions that yellow-plate cars cannot enter the city, blue-plate cars are the main ones, which can be driven by C-photo, so the load is not large.

If the waste garbage truck transports domestic garbage, it can also transport ash, sand, stone, soil and other bulk construction materials, or transport ore or coal to mines or coal constructions.

The loading capacity of compressed garbage trucks needs to be measured according to the model. Generally, the blue-branded compressed truck can be about 4.5 cubic meters, the actual loading capacity is about 60 barrels of 240 liters standard barrels, and the weight is about 2 tons. Based on this calculation, it is now the most common on the market. Is a 12-cubic compression truck with a loading capacity of about 8-9 tons.


Introduction of the largest container loading box for garbage trucks

The core of every garbage truck is its basic driving factors. These are the common parts of all garbage trucks, including the frame, engine and wheels. Since garbage trucks are designed to carry heavy loads when fully loaded, all these components must be heavy. Most garbage trucks are equipped with diesel engines and gearboxes, which can withstand large low-end torques.


Garbage trucks collect garbage in containers that usually contain most of the weight of the vehicle, called garbage bins. The hopper may consist of a large open space or a series of compartments for collecting different types of waste. In the case of using packer blades, the garbage truck hopper can also be called a compactor. The packer blade is used to compress the trash to leave more space inside the hopper.


Introduction of the control device when the garbage truck lifts weight

The packer blade of the garbage truck is controlled by a hydraulic system that can exert a lot of pressure on the garbage. Some modern garbage trucks can use their packer blades when driving, so that the garbage is compressed between stops, thereby providing space for the garbage truck to add more garbage.


Limited top speed, higher towing capacity and overall durability. The garbage truck also has a certain type of cab in which the driver (and in some cases, other garbage collectors) can sit when the truck is moving . The cab contains many control devices of the truck, including all control devices used for regular driving, although other control devices can also be placed on the outside of the vehicle for convenience. 

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