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1. The Welding training for the local installation.

In order to improve welding technology and enhance the spirit of teamwork,our company hold a welding technology competition, items including argon-arc welding,general welding ,Carbon dioxide protection welding.
The same work-pieces are used during the competition, and the winner is judged by the jury after the completion of the competition. 19/05/2017
For the oversea market, we supply the welding training in my factory and help the clients to solve the welding problem for LPG gas plant. 

2. The operation training for the special truck and all the machine.

CLW Group can supply the operation training for the clients freely in our factory.  That will help the clients to operate the truck and machine directly and avoid the problem from the wrong operation.  Each month, we have the client from the Africa, Asia and South America to learn the special trucks, trailers and LPG operation in my factory. CLW Group welcome your visiting at any time. 

3. The maintenance training in CLW group.

CLW Group would prefer to supply the training for the maintenance of special trucks, trailers and LPG products.  Only the right maintenance and the right operation for the machine can keep the machine in a good condition and extend the working time.
CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD . is looking forward to your visiting. The reliant quality, excellent service and reasonable price are the promise we keep.

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