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How should suction dunghill car discover unusual sound to do

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How should suction dunghill car discover unusual sound to do

1.reducer tapered active bearing and differential bearing differential noise resolution

Reducer bearings usually produce a harsh "buzz" or "quack" sound, sound beat is stable, with the east wind dung-suction vehicle speed changes.

The front bearing noise of the tapered driving gear of the reducer is larger when the car is sliding, and the rear bearing noise is larger when driving.

The noise of differential bearings is usually a constant cacophony, but its beat is much more moderate than that of tapered drive gear bearings.

2. the engine abnormal noise and rear axle abnormal noise resolution

Will first dongfeng dung sucking on a flat road driving mileage, the work of rear axle temperature rise to normal, and then when the car emit sound, write down the speed of the car, parking, transmission in neutral position, again slowly speed, until the engine speed and appeared when the sound speed is quite, observation has no ring, can be repeated several times, to determine whether the sound caused by engine exhaust or abnormal condition.

3. the discrimination of tire noise and rear axle noise

Tire noise changes with road surface, rear axle noise does not.When the speed of dung-sucking vehicle is lower than 48km/h, the rear axle noise disappears, while the tire noise continues to exist.The noise of the tires is the same when the car is driving and coasting, but the noise of the rear axle is different.

4. rear axle gear noise resolution

In the normal straight line, because the differential shaft gear and planetary gear almost no relative motion, so can not hear the noise.

Dongfeng dunghill truck driving process, rear axle gear abnormal sound is mostly caused by poor lubrication, resulting in gear reducer wear scars, if in a variety of sliding speed can hear abnormal sound, it is caused by the reducer drive gear nut loose.

When low speed, rear axle place produces knock sound, when accelerating or decelerating, send out especially depressing abnormal sound.The causes of the above faults can be found in one or more of the following places

4.1 differential half shaft gear journal and differential housing gap improper.

4.2 differential cross shaft journal and differential housing mismatch.

4.3 half shaft spline gear and differential half shaft gear keyway improper clearance.

4.4differential half shaft gear and planetary gear meshing gap improper.

4.5 Differential cone active, passive gear meshing gap improper.

4.6 thrust washer wear.

5. wheel bearing abnormal noise and rear axle noise resolution

When driving and gliding, the noise of the front wheel bearing is constant. If the speed is kept constant and the brake is applied slightly, the load of the wheel bearing can be reduced, so as to reduce the noise, and then the noise source can be found out.

When the speed is more than 48km/h, unless the rear axle is seriously damaged, the noise from the rear wheel bearing is rarely heard. When the car is sliding or in neutral gear, the cracked rear wheel bearing will produce "halogen sound", while the eroded rear wheel bearing will produce "rustle" sound.

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