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ISO tank container

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ISO tank container, the international standard tank is a stainless steel pressure vessel fitted to a tightly fastened external frame. The tank body is mostly made of 316 stainless steel, Q235 carbon steel, P5083 aluminum alloy. It can transport chemical liquids, edible liquids and flammable and explosive liquids, etc.


There is a corner bearing frame around the tank for protection and lifting. The dimensions of the external frame of the tank are exactly the same as those of the international standard 20' container (length 20 feet, width 8 feet, height 8 feet 6 inches), 30 'container and 40' container can be used for road, rail and water transport. It can carry up to 14,300 to 31,000 liters (or more) of fluid cargo.



1. Economic benefits

For example, a 20-foot container (24,000 liters) carries 45% more liquid cargo than a 20-foot standard dry container full of drums. That is, "more shipping at the same freight", which reduces the cost of land and sea transport per unit of goods. In addition, the use of cans saves the cost of disposal of the drums for purchase. These are two direct cost savings in transit.


2. Fast

The use of the tank, there will be no expensive and time - consuming cask flushing, cask loading and unloading process. It can directly change the mode of transportation between highway, railway and water transportation, can really do "door to door" transportation.


3. Increase security

Tank transport is internationally recognized as the safest chemical and food transport mode. In the process of distributing chemical and food products to different places, it is a kind of transport means without leaking and avoiding the contamination of the goods by jue compared with other means.


4. It’s more conducive to environmental protection, more beautiful, can give customers a good impression.

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