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Introduction of Snow Removal Truck

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Introduction of Snow Removal Truck

The snow removal equipment professionally produced by Chengli Automobile Co., Ltd.includes:

Snow removal shovel, snow sweeping brush, snow melting agent spreader, etc., can be installed: sprinklers, garbage trucks, road sweepers, sweepers, dump trucks, vans, loaders, tractors, pickups, etc. Snow shovel and snow roller are interchangeable, and the multi-functional snow removal combination device is convenient and quick to replace.

Multi-purpose snow removal vehicles, also known as snow shovel, snowboard, snow shovel, snowboard, snowboard, snow shovel, snowboard, suitable for highway toll stations, municipal roads, community streets, outdoor public places, etc. .


The multi-purpose snow removal vehicle is usually based on the chassis of the dump truck, plus the modification of the special snow removal equipment. Many organizations also use smaller vehicles to remove snow from sidewalks, trails and bicycle trails. Regulatory agencies and contractors responsible for road maintenance in temperate or polar regions often have a number of snow removal vehicles that can be used during the winter to ensure the removal of snow and ice on the roads and the safety of the road.


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