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Operation of Snow Removal Trucks

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Operation of Snow Removal Trucks

Snow melting spreader is mainly used for road snow removal and snow melting agent spraying in winter. It is separated by car and box. Snow melting spreader has independent power drive mechanism and intelligent control system, and can be used with a variety of transport vehicles. The product can be customized according to the specifications and methods required by customers. It not only simplifies the production process, but also considers customers to the greatest extent and makes full use of the existing vehicle resources of customers, thus reducing the purchase cost of the whole vehicle.


Installation and disassembly of snow shovel

When the snow shovel is installed, the snow shovel is aligned with the vehicle, the fast connecting frame of the front end of the vehicle is aligned with the snow shovel connecting frame, the hydraulic unit of the snow shovel is connected with the 24V power supply of the vehicle, the connection frame of the snow shovel is connected with the fast connecting frame of the vehicle, and the snow shovel and the fast connecting frame are fixed with pins. After installation of snow shovel, adjust the left and right deflection cylinder of snow shovel to form a certain angle between the shovel surface and the vehicle's forward direction, so as to help throw snow to the roadside during snow removal.


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