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The operation flow of the suction truck

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The operation flow of the suction truck

1. Prepare before homework


1.1 the back of the suction truck as close to the operation point, parking.

1.2 turn the straight cock handle of the return oil tank to an Angle of about 45° with the oil inlet pipe axis. Observe the oil inlet pipe and there should be lubricating oil flow.

We open the box side door, take out the suction hose, make it swing back, no bending phenomenon.


2. Suction operation


2.1 Pump the suction hose into the fouling liquid as deep as possible to ensure that the end of the pipe is always below 300mm from the liquid level during the operation.

 push the four-way valve handle to the ground perpendicular.

2.2. the transmission is put into neutral, then start the engine, the clutch is separated, the power lifter switch is pulled backward, that is, the gear is put to take power, the vacuum pump begins to operate.

2.3.In addition, turn on the driver's indoor toolbox, pull out the audible switch, put through its power supply.

2.4 the operator can pass the observation mirror on the head after sealing, when the liquid level reaches the middle of the observation mirror, should inform the driver, colleagues should quickly pull the suction hose off the ground or close the four-way valve. Under normal circumstances, the sounder will give out sound and light signal. When the driver receives the signal, he/she should reduce the throttle, shift the switch of the power receiver forward, stop the rotation of the vacuum pump, and press the switch of the sounder to cut off its power supply.

2.5 will fill the box straight cock handle plate and into the mailbox axis parallel that is closed.

2.6After flushing the hose, put it back into the landing box, close the side door, and hold the lug towards the upper side of the bridge.

2.7 Being closed against the overflow valve, make its handle vertical to the road axis.

'levies will pollution cars from the operating point.


3. Drainage operation


3.1the suction rubber tube toward the water storage tank.

3.2 pull the back handle of the four-way valve to be parallel to the ground, open the anti-overflow valve, and make the handle parallel to the line axis.

3.3 the transmission is put into neutral gear, start the engine again, separate the clutch, pull back the power lifter switch that is put into gear to take power, vacuum pump began to operate.

3.4 After discharge of waste liquid in the tank, driving should timely push the control handle of the power stripper forward, namely out of gear, and the vacuum pump stops running.

3.5 Turn off the oil box straight cock knob plate parallel to the mailbox axis, after flushing the rubber hose,

3.6 will be the suction car from the operation point.

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