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What are the benefits of fire fighting trucks?

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What are the benefits of fire fighting trucks?

Fire fighting trucks are special vehicles mainly used to perform fire response tasks, and most of the national fire departments, including China, will also use them for other emergency rescue purposes. fire fighting trucks can transport firefighters to the disaster site and provide them with a variety of tools for disaster relief tasks.


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Introduce the benefits of fire fighting trucks logo design, as well as functional advantages

What are the advantages of fire fighting truck from the characteristics?

Service introduction of fire fighting trucks of Chengli Group

An introduction to the development prospects of the domestic fire fighting trucks market


Introduce the benefits of fire fighting trucks logo design, as well as functional advantages

fire fighting trucks in most countries are red. Because it is the most eye-catching, it can be seen from a long distance. The U.S. Department of Transportation once proposed to change the fire truck to yellow, but the fire department is firmly opposed to this, because yellow makes people emotionally stable and reduces the efficiency of fire fighting, while red fire fighting trucks can stimulate fighting spirit and inspire people.


Fire fighting trucks have many benefits and complex functions. Most of the fire fighting trucks in our country use the rear-mounted pump fire truck: the advantage is that the overall layout of the vehicle is more reasonable; the rear-mounted pump fire truck: its characteristic is that the water pump maintenance is better than the mid-mounted fire fighting truck. The pump is convenient; the inverted pump-type fire truck: the water pump is located on the side of the frame, and the rear-engined airport rescue fire truck often adopts this type. This arrangement can lower the center of gravity of fire fighting trucks and also bring convenience to the maintenance of the water pump.


What are the advantages of fire fighting truck from the characteristics?

In general, most of the fire fighting companies we use most often are modified fire fighting trucks, but for ordinary fire fighting trucks, the characteristics of fire fighting trucks are more obvious and different. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone:

①The professional use is clear. Fire-fighting vehicles can be roughly divided into rescue vehicles, water tank fire-fighting vehicles, high-spray vehicles, lighting vehicles, lift trucks, fire-fighting sprinklers, etc. according to their uses. Each model carries different equipment, has a clear purpose, and is used on demand.

②High stability requirements. The firefighting and rescue tasks undertaken by the firefighting force have the characteristics of "emergency, danger, and heavy". Ordinary vehicles can break down and be damaged on the spot, but fire trucks are absolutely not allowed to have such problems-but the occurrence often seriously affects the timeliness of disposal. The above is a serious accident. Therefore, there are high requirements for the performance of the vehicle. This is the hardware aspect, and the software aspect is that the driver of the fire station must check and maintain the vehicle every day to ensure that the vehicle is intact and easy to use at any time, and problems must be eliminated in time.

③The most expensive is not necessarily the best. Ordinary vehicles are generally expensive. Everyone likes Mercedes-Benz BMW Infiniti, but the choice of fire-fighting vehicles must match the actual conditions of the jurisdiction. If the jurisdiction is a rural or third-tier city with underdeveloped economic development, and there are more scenes in suburbs and villages, then the choice of vehicles is mainly small and strong. Large vehicles cannot enter the village, that is, it is a decoration. The above is the different characteristics of fire trucks and ordinary vehicles introduced by the editor. I hope that the summary of the editor will be helpful to everyone. If you want to learn more about fire engines, welcome everyone to pay attention to the update of this site.


Service introduction of fire fighting trucks of Chengli Group

1. Factory direct supply: reliable quality and fast delivery;

2. Warranty: ˚F ROM will be used normally within 30,000 kilometers or one year from the date of receipt. We will repair it for free, but wearing parts and parts are not included. After one year, we only charge fees when problems occur;

3. Tracking service: lifetime

4. Chassis problem: When a problem occurs, please find the nearest local repair station for repair or maintenance; if there is no chassis service station in the local area, please call us;

5. Spare parts: The superstructure spare parts are sent by ourselves, and we only charge a fee; the chassis spare parts are sent by the local service station. If there is no chassis service station in the local area, please call us for free.

6. OEM capability: We can customize the truck according to your requirements, such as material, size, color, paint, logo, etc.

7. Warm reminder: Please follow our manual and instructions to use and maintain the forklift. When there is a problem, please feel free to call us.


An introduction to the development prospects of the domestic fire fighting trucks market

In our country, there are more than 30 fire truck production companies distributed throughout the country, but it is difficult to form economies of scale as a whole. Among the more than 30, only a few have an annual production capacity of 500 fire trucks, and the fire truck market is rather chaotic. Due to the lack of complete industry standards, most fire truck manufacturers only pay attention to market sales, but the product quality and technology research and development are lagging behind, and the supply and demand are out of line. The quality of the fire truck products produced is not high, and the gap with foreign fire trucks is very different. Large, lack of market competitiveness.


Therefore, in the future development of fire trucks, local fire truck companies must strive to improve the advantages of their products, and on the basis of ensuring product quality, combining supply and demand, and doing a good job in after-sales, can they compete in a disorderly and strong competitive market environment with foreign products. A breakthrough in the process. In addition, based on the calculation that each fire brigade should be equipped with 5 fire trucks, the number of fire trucks in my country should be around 50,000. Such an expected number shows that the market for fire trucks has great potential in the future development process. .


Our country's fire truck products are quite complete, including fire fighting trucks, climbing trucks, and special service trucks. However, most of them are water tank fire trucks, foam fire trucks and dry powder fire trucks with low technology content and single functions. Water tank trucks account for more than 60% of the total, and special fire trucks with high added value (except water Vehicles other than tanks, dry powder, and foam) account for only about 15%. Rescue fire trucks such as ladder trucks are even rarer to see. 

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