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What are the specifications of the towing trucks?

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What are the specifications of the towing trucks?

When it comes to selecting ideal towing trucks, it will be easy to find that there are numerous sizes to choose from, and there is a large difference even for the same size truck. The answer lies in how the truck is specified and the type of trailer and hitch used. The towing trucks can handle trailer loads with optimal power, efficiency, and safety with the right combination.


The Content list:

1.The specifications of towing trucks

2.Class A Tow trucks

3.Class B Tow trucks

4.Class C Tow trucks


The specifications of towing trucks

Each tow truck shall be equipped with only those winches and booms that have been produced and constructed by a manufacturer of such equipment that regularly produces winches and tow equipment of guaranteed quality and is used with the size tow truck for the class for which the equipment is designed. All related equipment shall be commensurate with the total rating of booms or other towing devices.

Each emergency tow company shall operate and maintain a minimum of one class A, class B, class C, or class D tow truck, as described below:


Class A Tow trucks:

Tow trucks that are capable of towing and/or recovery of passenger cars, pickup trucks, small trailers, or equivalent vehicles. Class A tow trucks shall have:

a) Weight Rating: A minimum manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of ten thousand pounds or equivalent.

b) Boom Rating:

i. Minimum: A minimum of four-ton boom rating with single or dual booms. A minimum capacity of not less than four (4) tons, single line pull is required.

ii. Exception: Tow trucks that are equipped for and used as "wheel lift" tow trucks shall have a minimum three-thousand-pound manufacturer's lift rated and minimum seven thousand pounds tow rated wheel lift assembly.

c) Cables: A minimum three-eighths inch continuous length cable, as described below, or its equivalent, in safe working condition on each drum.

i. Each cable shall be capable of being fully extended from and fully wound onto its drum.

ii. All cable and/or wire ropes shall be in good working order and shall have:

1. No more than six randomly distributed broken wires in one rope lay or no more than three broken wires in one strand on one rope lay;

2. No evidence of heat damage from any cause;

3. No cables with the indication of being pinched or crushed; and

4. End attachments that are not cracked, deformed, worn, or loosened.

iii. Cable end connections shall be wedged or, if clamped, shall have a minimum of three clamps spaced a minimum of six rope diameters apart and attached with the base or saddle of the clamp against the longer or live end of the cable. The "U" bolt will be placed over the short or dead end of the rope and will be of the proper size for the cable being clamped.


Class B Tow trucks

Tow trucks that are capable of towing and/or recovery of medium size trucks, trailers, motor homes, or equivalent vehicles. Class B tow trucks shall have:

a) A minimum manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of seventeen thousand pounds or equivalent

b) A minimum of ten-ton boom rating, single or dual booms, and a single or dual winch with a minimum capacity of not less than ten tons single line pull.

c)  A minimum of seven-sixteenths inch cable in safe operating condition.


Class C Tow trucks

Tow trucks that are capable of towing and/or recovery of large trucks, trailers, buses, motor homes, or similar vehicles. Class C tow trucks shall have:

d) A minimum manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of forty thousand pounds or equivalent.

e) A minimum twenty-five-ton rated single or dual boom and winch.

f) A truck chassis with tandem drive axles.

g) Air brakes and systems capable of supplying air to towed vehicles.

h) A minimum of nine-sixteenths inch cable on each drum in safe operating condition.

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