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What do garbage trucks do with the garbage?

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What do garbage trucks do with the garbage?

Garbage trucks are mainly used for municipal sanitation and large-scale factories and mines to transport all kinds of garbage. It is especially suitable for the transportation of residential garbage. It can compress and crush the loaded garbage to increase its density and reduce its volume, which greatly improves the garbage. Efficiency of collection and transportation. The new garbage truck has the characteristics of reliable quality, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low operating cost. So, let's introduce how to deal with garbage trucks next?


Here is the content list:

Introduction to the functions and uses of garbage trucks when disposing of garbage.

The steps and specific process of garbage truck processing garbage.

Analyze the current garbage truck's ability to dispose of garbage and its development status.


Introduction to the functions and uses of garbage trucks when disposing of garbage

Garbage trucks mainly carry domestic garbage, and can also transport ash, sand, stone, soil and other bulk construction materials, and can also transport ore or coal in mines or coal construction. Brief introduction of garbage truck function: The garbage hopper can be hoisted up and down, and the swing arm has a working cycle time of 60S. The garbage truck is characterized by the separation of the garbage hopper from the vehicle body, which can realize the combined use of one vehicle and multiple garbage hoppers, and circular transportation, which is fully improved The transportation capacity of vehicles is especially suitable for short-distance transportation, such as the cleanup and transportation of urban garbage by the environmental sanitation department.


The steps and specific process of garbage truck processing garbage

First of all, to deal with the garbage classification, the external loading and unloading structure of the garbage truck needs to be improved. The traditional hanging bucket type garbage truck only puts the garbage bin on the automatic lifting mechanism, and then uses the sanitation workers to operate the operating system to dump the garbage into the garbage truck. This design structure cannot be used for garbage sorting.


Then, the bucket of the garbage truck has been turned into a garbage chute, and it is divided into two parts, one for recyclable garbage and the other for non-recyclable garbage. Also use the lifting device to dump the two parts of garbage into different areas of the same garbage truck. This type of garbage truck is suitable for cities with high quality of residents, especially those who can consciously sort and place garbage. Some urban residents in my country have high environmental awareness and can implement such garbage trucks.


Analyze the current garbage truck's ability to dispose of garbage and its development status

my country's garbage trucks are still in the stage of garbage collection and garbage transfer. How to classify and dispose of garbage will be a problem that my country's garbage truck manufacturers need to discuss. In fact, developed cities such as Shanghai and Beijing have begun to pay attention to garbage classification, but the effect is not good. Most of them are manually cleaned up and then dumped into garbage trucks.


It should be noted that the garbage truck has its own ability to dispose of garbage. From the internal device, it looks like a compression garbage truck, but the garbage disposal place is changed from the rear of the car to the side. Because this type of garbage truck has its own compression device, it can handle dead branches and fallen leaves, and has strong applicability. It is more suitable for use in some southern cities in my country. From the perspective of the two types of garbage trucks, although the internal and external structures are quite different, they can all have the effect of garbage recycling. The current garbage trucks in our country are relatively slow in the development of garbage recycling and processing. Appropriate reference to foreign technology is a good choice for the development of classified recycling garbage trucks.

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