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What permits are needed to operate towing trucks?

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What permits are needed to operate towing trucks?

As the economy continues to improve, so will the need for well-qualified, educated two truck operators. With more vehicles on our roads, more unfortunate instances of car accidents, breakdowns, and illegal parking will require the response of a qualified tow trucker driver. However, certain permits or requirements are needed if you have aspirations of becoming a tow truck driver or managing relevant businesses.


The Content list:

1.Types of tow truck permits

2.Types of tow trucks the potential drivers can choose 


Types of tow truck permits

There are three types of tow trucks that you can operate. While you often have one assigned to you, it’s important to know the limitations and operations of each if you start working your way up to more complicated tasks.

1.Incident Management Permit - Required for a tow truck used to perform a non-consent tow initiated by a peace officer, or to perform a tow from a traffic incident or accident. Incident Management tow trucks may also perform Private Property and Consent Tows.
Incident management towing includes any tow of a vehicle that has become disabled on or near a public road in which towing operations may affect normal traffic flow. Any tow from a public roadway for any reason is an incident management tow.

2.Private Property Permit - Required for a tow truck used to perform a non-consent tow authorized by a parking facility owner. Private Property tow trucks may also do Consent Tows.
Examples may include towing in an apartment building parking lot, restaurant, or paid parking lot without the consent of the owner or operator of the vehicle.

3.Consent Tow Permit - Required for a tow truck used to perform a consent tow authorized by the owner of the vehicle. This type of permit may only do Consent Tows.


Types of tow trucks the potential drivers can choose

If you a potential driver, you also need to decide what type of tow truck you wish to operate. The main types of tow trucker are:

1. Wheel lift or full float truck. Based on the same mechanism used by hook and chain trucks, wheel lifts use a metal yoke that lifts one of the axles (either the front or back of the car) off the ground by touching only the tires of the vehicle. But hydraulics, instead of chains, suspend the truck or car to prevent damage.

2. Conventional tow truck. It is also known as a hook and chain truck, this is what most people think of when they refer to a tow truck. The truck wraps its chains around a vehicle’s axel and frame while the back arm of the truck lifts the car to where the back or front two tires lift off the ground. Slip the vehicle in neutral, and you have an easy towing rig.

Hook and chain trucks aren’t as popular as they once were, mainly because the chains can scratch the vehicle’s paint and cause other damage. They are used most often in response to an accident where the vehicle that is towed is already damaged.

3.Flatbed trucks. Also referred to as rollback trucks, flatbeds are ideal for expensive vehicles or vehicles with an excessive amount of damage that prevents the wheels from rotating. They use a hydraulic system to lower and raise a car or truck bed onto the ramp.

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