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Chengli Group's 120 Sanitation Garbage Trucks Were Successfully Delivered

Views: 345     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-24      Origin: Site


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Chengli Group's 120 Sanitation Garbage Trucks Were Successfully Delivered

On the morning of April 24th, the Rising Sun warm sun first photo, Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd.'s Shengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., the first batch of 120 self-unloading garbage trucks carefully manufactured and delivered at the Chengli headquarters. Welcomed to the welcome square.

It is reported that since the first quarter of this year, the production and sales volume of Chengli special-purpose vehicles have been growing steadily and rapidly. All directly affiliated factories, professional factories and group member factories are in the process of building quality process to improve product quality, improve service quality and deepen integrity management. In order to grasp the strategy, in the situation that the growth of saturated demand in the market is slowing down, both production and sales are booming.

The product line of Chengli special-purpose vehicles is continuously enriched, and the product products with excellent functions and excellent quality are sought after by users. Product differentiation, standardization, automation, upgrading, and upgrading have entered the fast lane. The design and internal quality of the special steam have undergone structural and fundamental changes. Under the premise of strengthening quality, the products pay more attention to practicality and humanity. Intelligent working environment needs.

“The future of the special-purpose car industry can be said to be unlimited. In its potential market segment, as long as you are quiet and work hard to build a car, this field can accommodate many competitors.” Interview with Chengli Company When the person in charge was Lu Guohui, Lu was so frank.

In the field of special-purpose vehicles, Chengli Automobile Group can grasp the opportunities and lead the trend of consumption. It is mainly due to the intensive cultivation of these years, and the return to the main business of the automobile, from research and development to sales and service, from supply-side reform to branding. Careful maintenance of the operation, have invested huge material, financial and human resources, always based on market-oriented, to meet the needs of users as the starting point, firmly established a leading position in the industry.

CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD . is looking forward to your visiting. The reliant quality, excellent service and reasonable price are the promise we keep.

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