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Garbage dump truck

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Garbage dump truck

Garbage dump truck refers to the installation of a set of hydraulic system, with hydraulic lifting mechanism, can tilt the truck box at a certain angle, can pour out the garbage. It's suitable for sanitation, municipal, factories and mining enterprises, property estates, and residential areas with large and concentrated garbage.

There are two types of garbage dump truck, sealed type garbage truck and open type garbage truck.


1. Good airtightness. To ensure no dust or leakage during transportation is the basic requirement of installing the top cover system.

2. Good safety performance. Airtight box cover should not exceed the car body too much, affecting normal driving, forming a safety hazard. The modification of the whole vehicle should be reduced to ensure the same center of gravity when the vehicle is loaded.

3. Easy to use. The cover system can be normally opened and packed up in a short time, and the loading and unloading process is not affected.

4. Small size, light weight. Try not to take up the interior space of the box body, weight can not be too large, or it will cause transport efficiency or overload.

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