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Hook arm garbage truck

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Hook arm garbage truck

Hook arm garbage truck is also called roll off garbage truck, hook lift garbage truck, mainly used for various sanitation municipal and large factory and mining departments to carry a variety of garbage, can also transport ash, sand, stone, earth and other bulk construction materials.

The garbage truck can be modified according to user requirements into the special purpose garbage truck. It consists of hydraulic system and operating system. The garbage box can be hoisted and lowered from the ceiling, and the garbage can be dumped by itself. The working cycle time is less than 50 seconds. The characteristics of the truck is a truck can be equipped with multiple garbage boxes, can achieve a truck and more than one garbage box joint operation, circular transport, fully improve the transport capacity of the vehicle.

The hydraulic system
1.Hook arm garbage truck hydraulic cylinder action using manual hydraulic multi-valve control, hydraulic multi-valve control cylinder action. Simple and reliable operation, convenient for maintenance.

2.The hydraulic system of hook arm garbage truck consists of oil tank and filter system, oil pump, multi-way directional valve, one-way throttle valve, oil cylinder, oil pipe and so on. The power of the system comes from the engine, which is separated from the power by the force lifter, which drives the gear pump to work.

3.Hook arm garbage truck gear pump through the oil absorption filter will be the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank suction, multi-valve (located outside the driving room, the front of the car) oil supply. Hook arm garbage truck multi-way valve work so that pull arm cylinder, locking cylinder action, hydraulic cylinder does not work, hydraulic oil through the multi-way valve directly back to the tank.

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