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How to maintain an ambulance?

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How to maintain an ambulance?

To rescue people’s life and property safety in emergencies in time, the 120 ambulance plays a vital role in the rescue process. The operating status of the 120 ambulances is directly related to the protection of people’s life safety, so the 120 ambulances The maintenance work has very important practical significance. For the maintenance of the ambulance, there are still many details to pay attention to in our daily life. Let the ambulance manufacturer give you a detailed introduction.


Here is the content list:

● Parking without brake disc

● Pay attention to speed bumps

● Don’t park on half a slope

● Daily fueling habits


Parking without brake disc

When parking in a relatively narrow place, many people are accustomed to crushing the wheels and then backing up. Because the parking space is small, try to make the steering angle of the car as large as possible. The end position of the steering wheel is limited by a limit block, which is on a shelf. If the mold is braked for a long time, it may cause the slider to slide on the frame, resulting in an inaccurate direction. Ambulance manufacturers suggest that the correct approach is to leave a certain margin without the brake disc.


Pay attention to speed bumps

In the eyes of many car owners, it’s easy to ignore the speed bump. Ambulance manufacturers are here to remind the majority of ambulance drivers that the function of speed bumps is to slow down the vehicle. There may be a school or a pedestrian crossing near the place where the speed bumps are present. If the ambulance ance driver ignores the reduction If you continue to pass at high speed, you may not only hit a pedestrian and cause damage to the vehicle but also cause the patient who was in the ambulance to not receive timely treatment, leaving some unnecessary injuries.


Don’t park on half a slope

It is recommended not to park the ambulance on a half slope as much as possible, because long-term parking on a slope will cause damage to the suspension and braking system, and the automatic transmission will become insensitive.


Daily fueling habits

If you always use No. 92 oil to add No. 95 oil, then the problem will not be too big. However, if cars with No. 95 gasoline have been added with No. 92 gasoline, it depends on whether the two labels are too different and how much it has been added. If the two grades are too large or almost the whole tank of low-grade oil, it will damage the engine.

The maintenance work of the 120 ambulances directly affects the working status and service life of the ambulance. To ensure that the vehicle does not appear in the emergency process due to the emergency caused by the vehicle itself, to ensure the smooth progress of the emergency process, it is important to the daily life of the Jiujiu vehicle. Maintenance work is very important.


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