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The suction of the suction truck becomes smaller, and the reason may appear in the following five places

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The sewage suction truck forms a vacuum by extracting the air in the suction tank to form a negative pressure, and the suction force is generated by the pressure of the air. An excellent suction truck needs to have sufficient suction. If the suction is insufficient, the suction speed is slow, it requires longer suction operation time, wastes time, wastes fuel, and increases the wear of the suction truck. In addition, the suction of the suction truck is insufficient, which also brings obstacles to the suction operation, reduces the suction stroke of the suction truck, and cannot extract the dirt with high consistency. So, what is the cause of your suction truck's lack of suction? The main reasons are as follows.

1, leaking

Through the working principle of the suction truck, we learned that the vacuum pump is used to discharge the air in the tank to form a vacuum to form a negative pressure, and the pressure of the air is used to generate suction. If there is a leak in the suction tank, suction line, and vacuum exhaust line of the suction truck, the vacuum cannot be reached, and naturally, sufficient suction cannot be generated.


2. The valve of the suction line is closed or the suction pipe is blocked.

The irritability of the suction pipeline is insufficiently closed or opened, or the suction pipe is blocked. Although the vacuum suction truck generates sufficient suction, the suction cannot be smoothly and smoothly entered into the suction tank because the suction is blocked in the valve or the pipeline. Therefore, the suction speed is slow, resulting in the illusion that the suction truck has a small suction force.


3. Vacuum pump wear of vacuum suction truck

 There are two aspects to the wear of the vacuum pump, one is the wear of the pump casing, and the other is the wear of the blade. When the vacuum pump is used for a long time, it will naturally wear out. If the pump casing is seriously worn, the inner wall of the casing is not smooth, and there is a groove. Generally, there is no maintenance value, and the pump is directly changed. The wear of the blade is relatively common, and after the blade is worn, it is impossible to form a vacuum against the inner wall of the suction pump. After the blade is worn out, it is necessary to replace the blade in time.


4, the exhaust pipe is not smooth

The exhaust route of the suction truck starts from the inside of the tank, and the discharged gas comes from the overflow valve along the exhaust pipe to the water vapor separator. In the vacuum pump from the water vapor separator along the pipeline, the gas to be exhausted is in the vacuum pump. The inside is forcibly squeezed out, passes through the oil separator, and is discharged outside the vehicle. That is to say, if the three positions of the anti-overflow valve, the air pipe, and the water vapor separator are blocked, the exhaust gas may be unsmooth and sufficient suction force may not be generated.


5. The engine and vacuum pump of the suction truck are not properly selected and cannot meet the needs.

 When purchasing a sewage truck, we should try our best to choose a horse with a large horsepower and good quality when the budget permits. Select a vacuum pump with low speed and large displacement. The suction of the suction truck has a direct relationship with the engine and the vacuum pump. Once the engine and vacuum pump are determined, it is very difficult to change the model later. When we buy a sewage truck, we also need to choose a regular suction truck manufacturer. Choose a salesperson who knows more about the suction truck and is knowledgeable.

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