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​What are the characteristics of an ambulance?

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​What are the characteristics of an ambulance?

Transit ambulance has a variety of styles: the high-top and top ambulance, petrol and diesel ambulance, transport type ambulance, monitoring type ambulance, mold integrated (negative pressure) ambulance, beautiful appearance, ideal for hospitals! Our company produces and sells: Transit ambulance, Iveco ambulance, Ruifeng ambulance, Iveco mine ambulance, Iveco eye car, Iveco optometry car, Iveco dental car, Jinlong medical examination car, Iveco medical examination car. Factory-direct sales, perfect after-sales service system, car depends on price, quality, and more attention to after-sales service!


Here is the content list:

Features of mobile vehicles

Features of Transit ambulance


Features of mobile vehicles

In emergency work, time is life. The emergence of mobile vehicles has played an incalculable role in saving people's lives. Mobile service vehicles can handle basic problems. It can help patients alleviate their illness and ensure that they are not threatened temporarily. What is the difference between mobile vehicles and ambulances? Mobile vehicles are designed for the industry and can meet emergency rescue, routine, and other functions, and can provide convenience and speed to the community at any time. High-quality and various services are mainly used for touring, although the space in the car is small. But the function is very complete. The car is equipped with ECG ultrasound examination, X-ray machine, automatic biochemical analyzer, and advanced equipment such as an examination bed, freezer, air conditioner, and ultraviolet lamp. It is widely used in various loading and unloading and installation. Lifting operations are especially suitable for field lifting, rescue operations, and operations in narrow places such as stations, warehouses, and construction sites. The driver of the truck-mounted crane needs to have three certificates (B photo, boarding operation license, commonly known as getting off-license, operation license is commonly known as boarding.


Features of Transit ambulance

The internal equipment is also the first level, and there is also a negative pressure ambulance. Generally, you will understand what the negative pressure ambulance is when you work. Of course, the more expensive ambulance in this type of ambulance is more expensive in this negative pressure. Strictly speaking, it is only one in popular terms. It is generally used by people who need infection. Transit ambulance has a variety of styles: high-top ambulance and top-mounted ambulance. Ambulance negative pressure device (optional): The negative pressure purification device for ambulances is ambulance purification equipment. Ambulances equipped with this negative pressure purification device can enable the ambulance to treat and transfer infectious diseases and other special diseases. Minimize the chance of cross-infection between medical staff and patients, and the negative pressure can also discharge the air in the car after harmless treatment, effectively avoiding more human infections, and playing a good role in controlling the source of infectious diseases.


A more powerful engine and more spacious internal space can buy time for patients on the move and escort the ambulance work. Transit ambulance has a variety of styles: high roof and roof ambulance, gasoline and diesel ambulance, and Transport type ambulance, monitoring type ambulance, mold integrated (negative pressure) ambulance, beautiful appearance. If you have any questions about the ambulance please consult our company CLW group.

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