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What are the winter maintenance of the sewage suction truck?

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The special part of the suction truck consists of a power take-off, a drive shaft, a vacuum suction pump, a water gas separator, a multi-way reversing valve, a clean water tank, a window, a vacuum pressure gauge, a pipe network system, etc. Sludge slurry and mixed with suspended debris, small bricks, gravel, etc.: It has the characteristics of high pumping efficiency, self-priming and direct irrigation, and is widely used in large, medium and small towns, sanitation, municipal, chemical industry. , factory and mining enterprises, property communities use. . Let's talk about how the sewage truck will go through the winter.


As the weather gets colder, the suction trucks are used in cold regions, facing two major problems. One is the difficulty of starting, and the other is that the road is often covered with snow and snow. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following matters.


1 Before entering the winter, the sewage suction truck should be season-maintained, and according to the tasks and characteristics, the vehicle should be equipped with first-aid appliances such as snow chains, blowtorets and triangle wood necessary for winter driving.


2 When the cold car starts, it is necessary to preheat the suction truck engine. East windmill with B-series engine, optional cylinder heater and oil pan heater for oil lubrication, or intake flame preheating device. Wait until the water temperature reaches the specified temperature before starting.


3 Strengthen the maintenance of the battery. In use, the generator charging amount can be increased, and the generator regulator can be adjusted to make the voltage of the voltage regulator on the charging circuit 0.6V higher than that in summer, or to replace the large-capacity battery and the high-power starter. Especially in severe cold areas, for vehicles parked outdoors, the battery should be removed and placed indoors if necessary.


4 The sewage truck should be parked for a long time or overnight. The cooling water must be drained and idling for 1-2 minutes to evaporate the residual water to prevent the ice from cracking the engine block and the heater.


5 Vehicles that use pneumatic brakes should always remove the accumulated water in the air reservoir. Note that the drain valve may freeze during the draining process, the water is not cleaned, affecting the gas storage capacity, and even icing blocked the pipeline.


6 Fill in antifreeze. For the selection of antifreeze and related precautions, please refer to question 70.


7 If you are driving on snow and ice, be sure to control the speed and try not to shift gears. In the event of a side slip of the suction truck, the engine speed should be gently reduced, and the steering wheel should be driven in the direction of the side to restore the original direction of the vehicle. Avoid emergency braking and use exhaust brakes.

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