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What is the capacity of the ambulance?

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What is the capacity of the ambulance?

The speed of the ambulance largely determines whether the patient can get timely help. Some patients lose their best chance of treatment because the ambulance is a few minutes late, and it is not uncommon for them to lose their lives.

Here is the content list:

Medical cabin and its capacity

Ambulance operation requirements

Normal working conditions


Medical cabin and its capacity

The medical cabin should be designed and manufactured according to the type of ambulance, and it is required to accommodate the onboard equipment and items listed in Table 8 to Table 18.

The car body, sidewalls, front and rear walls, and roof panels, and connecting parts of the medical cabin are well-sealed so that the heat preservation performance of the vehicle is stable. Anti-noise and the performance of dust should meet the standards of high-grade passenger cars. The insulation layer must be insect-proof, mildew-proof, flame-retardant, non-toxic, and non-absorbent. The interior decoration of the medical cabin should be obstructed.

It is inflammable, waterproof, easy to wash, easy to disinfect, and not easy to deteriorate or change color. The sealing layer should be a whole and complete structure, no gaps, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high resistance.

Gentle high-pressure water scouring. The liquid left in the medical cabin should be discharged through one or more drain pipes with plugs on the floor.

Should be connected to the sewage collector. A clock should be placed in the medical cabin.

The edges of the boxes and cabinets in the medical cabin are decorated with transitional soft packaging rounded corners. There are no sharp objects on the internal surface, all medical equipment hooks.

The bracket should be installed close to the bulkhead, and there should be protective facilities around. The material of the storage cabinet should be waterproof, and convenient for cleaning and disinfection (no carpet, cloth and fiber)


Ambulance operation requirements

The operational safety conditions of the ambulance shall comply with GB7258. All technical performances should meet the light-duty passenger vehicle indicators required by national or industry standards.

The design and manufacture of ambulances should meet the requirements of safety, reliability, comfort, easy operation, and quickness, and be able to guarantee the basic needs of medical rescue for public health emergencies, to meet and ensure the safe transfer of the wounded and the sick, and to ensure that the ambulance carries the passengers.

The staff does not cause harm and minimizes the infection of the medical staff and other personnel with the vehicle and the pollution to the environment. Acceleration performance and braking: The vehicle speed is accelerated from 0km/h to 100km/h in no more than 25 seconds. A four-wheel anti-lock braking system should be installed. The vehicle electronic stability system should be installed.


Normal working conditions

Below 3000 meters above sea level, the temperature is between -40°C and 40°C.

To ensure the medical safety of patients, the education and ambulances, especially the B and C type education and ambulances should have anti-electromagnetic interference measures. Ensure the normal operation of medical equipment


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