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What is the stage truck?

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Do you want to know what is mobile stage truck?

Mobile stage trucks were created by mobile stage truck manufacturers. This mobile stage truck, combining traditional mobile stage truck and LED advertising vehicle, It was finally named LED stage truck. It also has stage, display screen, technology and practicality, and the stage area is large enough. 

LED stage trucks are widely used in various kinds of stages, performances, exhibitions and conferences, such as auto shows, fashion shows, exhibitions and cooperation conferences, concerts, festivals and sports events. 

LED stage truck is mainly used for stage performance, using light-emitting diodes to send autonomous light to display information on the screen. 

LED stage trucks are commonly defined as screens that use light-emitting diodes (leds) to generate their own light to display information for stage performance. The use of light-emitting diodes (leds) for autonomous light is the opposite of using leds as a backlight. The LED displays we usually see in TVS, computers and mobile phones cannot actually become LED displays, but can only be called LCD displays with LED as the backlight.

LED stage truck is a dominant product in mainland China. 90% of the world's LED displays are made in China, and the production of LED chips, packaging, patch/insert lights, modules and LED display boxes is completed in mainland China. LED stage truck is one of the most mature and fastest growing application fields of LED. LED industry is one of the strategic emerging industries supported by the state. The future development prospect is extremely broad. 

Let the mobile stage car accompany us for a lifetime, this is the goal of mobile stage truck manufacturers. Mobile stage vehicles for a lifetime, this is the ultimate goal of mobile stage truck manufacturers.

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