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What should be paid attention to when using ambulances?

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What should be paid attention to when using ambulances?

With the flashing of warning lights and the whistling of sirens, there is no doubt that an ambulance rushed to the scene of an emergency call. All traffic arteries will be released magically. Drivers can drive on the edge of the roadway, on the sidewalk, or even in the opposite direction—anywhere, as long as the ambulance can pass, just like the firefighter rushing to the scene of the fire, the ambulance crew It also requires every second, because it may mean the difference between life and death. So what should be paid attention to when using ambulances?


Ambulance driving requirements


Work program


Ambulance driving requirements

Ambulance drivers have received professional training and can drive quickly and safely on busy roads, at night, and in bad weather.

Training also includes skid control of ambulances and field driving. Speed is important, but when the car is carrying a seriously ill or injured patient and another staff is giving him first aid, smooth driving is also necessary. Able to drive quickly, without leaning at corners, and bumps on uneven roads, which requires excellent driving skills and a high level of concentration.

Ambulances generally have a power steering system, an additional rollover protection bar, and an improved rear suspension to ensure that they can travel smoothly. The ambulance can carry 7 people (1 driver, 2 stretchers, 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 1 patient, and 1 family member) when transporting patients, and can only carry one stretcher in case of accidents and emergencies.

An efficient ambulance service should be able to arrive at the scene within 20 minutes of the emergency call. However, no matter how well-trained ambulance personnel is, it is often difficult to reach the scene quickly, especially in crowded city traffic, and in old run-down areas in towns, where some street signs may be missing.



(1) The head nurse and ambulance driver check the condition, appearance, rescue equipment, and medicine of the ambulance every day.

(2) Emergency nurses check the condition, appearance, rescue equipment, and medicines of the ambulance every shift, to change and replace them in time.

Supplement and register.

(3) The nursing department checks the condition, appearance, rescue equipment, and medicines of the ambulance every month.

(4) The Medical Affairs Department strictly manages ambulances. Ambulances are only used for medical rescue and should not be used for other purposes.

(5) The driver of the ambulance must keep the vehicle in good condition and tidy, and must leave the vehicle within 5 minutes after receiving the call.


Work program

(1) When the call for help in the registration room rings, immediately notify the driver and the doctors and nurses on duty in the emergency department, and the registration room will make a record of the departure time, location, arrival time, accompanying persons, etc.

(2) After the medicines, equipment, and articles are used, the visiting nurses will promptly supplement, clean, and disinfect them to keep them in good condition. The head nurse checks and strictly implements the shift system every day and completes various registrations. If the rescue equipment is found to be faulty, it should be reported to the head of the section and the head nurse in time, and a maintenance worker should be asked to repair it.

(3) When leaving the car to perform emergency tasks and return to the hospital, the visiting doctor must report the driving situation to the medical department and make a registration.


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