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Can the suction engine be washed with water?

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Can the suction engine be washed with water?

  After a long period of use, the engine of the suction truck will have a black layer of dirt on its surface. This dirt is made up of scale, earth, dust and various oil stains.Don't look down on these dirt, it has a certain degree of corrosion, the engine of the plastic, rubber parts are more harmful we know, suction car engine in a long time after the use of the surface will accumulate a layer of black dirt, the dirt is composed of scale, soil, dust and a variety of oil stains mixed.Do not look down on these dirt, it has a certain degree of corrosion, the engine in the plastic, rubber parts more harmful.At the same time, the dirt will hinder the absorption of sewage car engine heat.So it is necessary to clean the engine dirt, so how to clean the dirt?

First of all, the electrical components of the engine of the suction truck are waterproofed and not afraid of water.Therefore, a lot of places are used to use high-pressure water gun to directly wash the engine of suction dirty car, general repair shop also do so, will not wash the engine parts bad.But the high-pressure water gun cleaning also need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Avoid washing with water when the car is hot

When the suction truck engine is in the high temperature state of cleaning, engine suddenly cold, serious may lead to cylinder deformation cracking.And at high temperature flushing will also produce a lot of water vapor, on the circuit may have an impact.

2, try to avoid the engine outside the safety box and driving computer

Some suction truck engine cabin will have a warning box, avoid high-pressure gun flushing here.Although do waterproof treatment, the general rain is no problem, but the pressure of the high pressure gun, in case.Therefore, when cleaning the engine, to avoid driving computer and outside the box area.

For "sensitive" areas, it is more appropriate to use a wet cloth or soft brush to clean, if the wet cloth and soft brush can not clean, use a special engine cleaner.To wash the engine of the suction truck, it is best to choose a foam cleaner.Because foam cleaners last longer, they effectively break down oil molecules and some stubborn ones.Of course, this detergent is not called severe, after cleaning, it is best to rinse again.Prevent detergent from corroding the engine surface of the suction truck.

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