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How do I clean the tank

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How do I clean the tank

Suction truck is used to clean septic tank, sewage, sewage ditch in the sludge sewage special vehicles. The dung suction truck has a fixed elliptic cylinder tank body, which is used to store and transport sludge and sewage. Due to the corrosive nature of sludge and sewage, in order to extend the service life of the dung suction truck, we need to clean the tank of the dung suction truck regularly. The following is to introduce the suction tank cleaning method.   


 Before cleaning the tank, we need to talk about the tank of the sewage sludge as clean as possible. The tank of the muck suction truck is different from the tank of the muck suction truck. The tank body of the suction truck can be lifted and the back cover can be opened, which can easily discharge the waste in the tank. However, the tank body of the dung suction truck is fixed and cannot be lifted. When discharging sewage sludge, it is easy to leave part of sewage sludge in the tank. To discharge the sewage sludge in the tank of the dung suction truck, we can find a slope to stop, the front end is high, so that the tank can flow of sewage sludge natural outflow.


After the sewage sludge in the tank of the dung suction truck is completely discharged, open the manhole on the top of the dung suction tank, open the sewage outlet, wait for air circulation for a while, and then enter the tank and start to clean the tank. Connect with a long hose on the tap water faucet, use the pressure of the tap water itself, wash the various parts of the inner wall of the suction manure tank, wash the dirt attached to the inner wall clean. If use high pressure water gun to rinse, the effect is better. Be careful when rinsing, rinse as much as possible, all corners do not let go. The washed sewage will flow out of the sewage outlet.


 Suction truck in the suction of sludge sewage, the suction force is larger, inevitably will be inhaled sand stones, these sand stones precipitation in the tank, is not easy to be discharged. After we wash the inside of the tank, we also need to remove the sand and stones that have been deposited in the bottom of the tank. If continue to leave these sand stones in the tank, sediment will be more and more, increasing the load of the suction truck, occupy the volume of the suction truck. At the same time, the suction truck in the process of driving, tank bottom stone with sewage shaking and moving abnormal noise, easy to distract the driver's attention. To clean the sediment in the tank of the dung suction truck, people need to enter the tank through the manhole and use tools such as a shovel to push the sediment out of the sewage outlet. 


After cleaning up the inside of the tank, clean up the personnel through the manhole, and all the cleaning tools out, do not miss the tools in the tank. Clean up personnel out, remember to suction tank top manhole closed


In this way, the suction tank on the inside of the clean up.


 Because the tank of the dung suction truck contains sewage sludge and feces, there will be a very big smell and a lot of bacteria, so it is necessary to pay attention to ventilation in the process of cleaning the inside of the tank of the dung suction truck. Cleaning personnel should wear protective glasses and respirators to avoid splashing sewage into the glasses to prevent inhalation of harmful gases.

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