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How fast is a fire fighting truck?

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How fast is a fire fighting truck?

Fire fighting trucks and fireboats go to perform fire fighting or emergency rescue missions. On the premise of ensuring safety, they are not restricted by driving speed, driving route, driving direction, and command signals. Other vehicles, ships, and pedestrians shall give way, not crossing over. So, what can ensure that the fire fighting truck can drive at high speed? Here are some detailed introductions.

Here is the content:

  • Off-road performance

  • Driving obstacle removal ability

Off-road performance

Off-road performance refers to the ability of vehicles to overcome obstacles when passing various road conditions, which are specifically manifested in the ability to climb hills, pass through soft ground, pass through swamps, and cross trenches. Sometimes to reach the fire scene, one must pass through rugged mountain roads or swamps, so the off-road performance directly affects the fire fighting efficiency of the fire fighting truck. Compared with wheeled fire fighting trucks, the off-road performance of crawler fire fighting trucks is better. Its disadvantage is that the driving speed is slower and it is easy to cause damage to the road surface. In the wheeled fire fighting truck, truck has better off-road performance than ordinary cars. The factors that affect off-road performance mainly include dynamic performance, drive mode, chassis rigidity, ground clearance, tires, and the forward and departure angles of the vehicle. The climbing ability is generally expressed by the maximum climbing degree, which is an important indicator for considering the off-road ability of off-road vehicles. The primary factor that affects the maximum grade ability is the dynamic performance of the car because the car has to overcome a component of its gravity along the direction of the gradient during the climb, and the grip of the car’s tires must be able to meet the needs of the car’s upward movement. If it is not enough or the tires are slipping, it is impossible to talk about climbing; secondly, the advancing angle and departure angle of the fire fighting truck are also important factors that restrict the maximum climbing degree. The soft ground and swamp passability of fire fighting trucks are also important indicators to characterize their off-road performance. Due to its unique walking mechanism, the crawler fire fighting truck has a large contact area with the ground, so it has a good ground passability. For wheeled fire fighting trucks, the main factors that affect their passability are the driving force of the host unit, tires, minimum ground clearance, and driving mode.

Driving obstacle removal ability

Fire fighting trucks need to traverse woodland to go to the fire site. Because of the bushes and weeds in the forest, the road conditions are poor or there is no road at all, it will be very difficult for fire fighting trucks to drive in the forest. To eliminate these obstacles to traffic, it is necessary to install a bush clearing device at the front of the fire fighting truck. This device can be installed at the front of the vehicle by clearing the bushes in the lower layer of the forest, helping fire fighting trucks to open fire-fighting roads, or cut off the line of fire. It is an effective tool for forest fire fighting and the safety of disaster relief personnel.

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