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How to avoid the corrosion of the tank

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How to avoid the corrosion of the tank

The popularization of dung suction truck greatly improves the work efficiency of sanitation workers. Make it easier and faster for sanitation workers to clean up septic tanks, sewers and muck. But in the process of using the suction truck, you will also encounter a variety of problems. For example, the corrosion problem of the tank of the dung suction truck leads to the reduction of the service life of the dung suction truck   


As we all know, the tank is generally made of carbon steel, small and medium-sized tank tank tank thickness is generally five centimeters or six centimeters, large tank tank thickness is generally eight centimeters. The tank mainly depends on its own material, that is, the corrosion resistance of carbon steel itself to resist corrosion. The tank of the suction truck in the corrosion of dung silt, in the oxygen, water, temperature rust turbid, coupled with the suction of pollution, pollution pressure stress, often in the use of 4-5 years under the circumstances of the tank has been corroded through. Is there any good way to reduce the corrosion of the tank? The answer is yes.   


1. First, when making the tank of hubei dung suction truck, we use high-quality carbon steel plate, which has better corrosion resistance and long service life.

2. Paint the anti-corrosion layer inside the tank of the dung suction truck. Anticorrosive coating can effectively avoid corrosion, usually do the anticorrosive coating of the tank tank tank is two years longer than the life of the tank. It is also said that a layer of anticorrosive paint sprayed on the inside of the car tank can also achieve the anticorrosive effect. But now the world's anti-rust paint is generally acid paint, and suction truck suction of silt and feces for alkaline. A chemical reaction between acid and base causes the acid rustproof paint to fail quickly. So spray coating is an effective way.


3. After the dung suction truck is finished, it needs to be cleaned up in time. 3, the residual debris in the tank timely empty clean, so as to avoid residual impurities corrosion 

tank suction truck. Keeping the inside and outside of the tank clean and dry is an effective way to reduce corrosion.   


4, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, so as not to cause damage to the tank paint and lead to fall off, tank car paint such as scratch parts, timely repair, so as to avoid corrosion of the tank.   


5, check the maintenance of the tank, if found that the tank has appeared the phenomenon of corrosion penetration, need to timely repair the corrosion penetration, repair, do not affect the use of dung suction truck.

Dung suction tank is the main body of the dung suction truck, is the container to accommodate sewage debris, is the main medium of vacuum suction, so, the maintenance of dung suction tank, in the maintenance of vacuum dung suction truck occupies a high proportion, you need to pay attention to the owners.

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