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How to configure the pump for the sewage suction truck?

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How to configure the pump for the sewage suction truck?

When you buy a sewage suction truck, you may tell the salesperson that I need a sewage truck. The main requirement is that the suction is large. A suction truck with a large suction has a larger suction stroke and a faster suction speed, which will bring great convenience to the suction operation and reduce the operating cost. In order to pursue greater suction, many people think that it is ok to configure a larger vacuum pump. But this is not the case. How much pump a suction truck is equipped with depends on the size of the chassis, the volume of the tank and the horsepower of the engine.

Below we take two types of suction trucks as an example. A Dongfeng Dolly 3308 wheelbase suction truck is compared to a Dongfeng Tianjin 4700 wheelbase suction truck.

Use the Dongfeng Dolly 3308 wheelbase chassis as the suction truck, usually with a volume of 2-4.5 cbm. The engine horsepower is 115 hp. This model, if you do a 2-3 cbm suction truck, it is equipped with a 3cbm vacuum pump. If you are doing a 3-4.5 cbm suction truck, you can use a 5cbm vacuum pump or a 6cbm water ring pump.

Use Dongfeng Tianjin suction truck, 4700 wheelbase, usually 9-12 cbm. Engine horsepower is 180 hp. This car can be equipped with an 8 or 10cbm vacuum pump. It can also be equipped with a 12cbm water ring pump.

From the above two models, we can see that the matching vacuum pump displacement is greater than the tank volume. Therefore, the vacuum pump can meet the normal needs. However, if we are pursuing greater suction, we will equip the 4.5cbm tank suction truck with an 8cbm vacuum pump and the 10cbm tank vacuum pump with a 15cbm vacuum pump. Sewage truck manufacturers tell you that there is no special reason, it is best not to do this, because there are many hidden dangers.


Hidden dangers 1: impact passability.

The vacuum pump is mounted below the chassis. The higher the height of the vacuum pump from the ground, the stronger the passability. Conversely, the lower the distance from the ground, the worse the passability and the higher the requirements for road conditions. If the vacuum pump is too low from the ground, the vacuum pump can easily collide with the protrusions on the ground during driving. If the vacuum pump is damaged, it will need to be overhauled.


Hidden danger 2: deformation of the tank

When the suction truck is in the suction operation, the vacuum pump will draw out the air in the suction tank to form a vacuum, and the suction tank will be subjected to strong pressure. If the vacuum pump is equipped, the faster the pumping speed, the greater the pressure on the tank. If the configured vacuum pump is too large and the tank quality is good enough, the tank will be sucked.


Hidden dangers 3: oil and gas separators

The vacuum suction truck sucks up quickly, the air in the tank is quickly removed, and the excluded air quickly passes through the oil separator. Because the vacuum pump exhaust speed is too fast, the oil and gas separator can not completely separate the oil and gas mixture, and the oil is flushed out with the air. Not only waste fuel, but also pollute the environment

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