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How to effectively avoid the harmful effects of dung suction truck

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How to effectively avoid the harmful effects of dung suction truck

Imperceptibly many people's suction truck, how can suddenly broken?It's not all of a sudden, it's just something you ignore, you just don't know.In many cases, we can effectively avoid harmful effects as long as we pay attention to these details.Here's how you can reduce the harmful effects of manure suction trucks.

1. Avoid impurities: for the muck suction truck working in bad environment and complex conditions, it should first use high-quality auxiliary parts, lubricating oil and grease to block the source of harmful impurities;The second is to do a good job in the work site mechanical protection work, to ensure that the corresponding mechanism can work properly, prevent all kinds of work impurities into the machine.Repair defective machine to normal maintenance position as far as possible.During the field maintenance, protective measures should be taken to prevent the replacement parts from being contaminated by dust and other impurities before entering the machinery.

2. Applicable temperature: in the use of dung suction truck, to prevent low temperature overload operation, ensure the normal operation of low temperature pre-temperature stage, make the machine in the required temperature operation or work, do not because there is no problem at the time, ignore its important role;Prevent the machine from running at high temperature, check the value of various thermometers frequently during the mechanical operation, stop the inspection immediately if any problem is found, and troubleshoot.It cannot be disposed of without mechanical treatment for reasons that cannot be found for a period of time.In normal work, pay attention to check the working state of the cooling system.For water-cooled machinery, it is necessary to check before daily work, add cooling water, and regularly clean the dust on the air cooling system to ensure the flow of heat dissipation pipeline.

3. Anticorrosion: in use, managers and operators should take effective measures to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on machinery according to local climatic conditions and air pollution at that time.The key is to prevent the chemical composition of rain and air from entering into the machinery.

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