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How to prevent suction sewage car drain plug

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How to prevent suction sewage car drain plug

The vacuum pump suction sewage car smoke is because the vacuum pump temperature is too high, resulting in the engine oil gasification inside the pump smoke.And the causes of vacuum pump high temperature are as follows:

1. The continuous suction operation time of the suction truck is too long.Suction truck in the suction of pollution, vacuum pump temperature is gradually rising, the longer the continuous working time, the higher the pump temperature.Generally speaking, the continuous working time of vacuum pump is 15-20 minutes. If the continuous working time exceeds 20 minutes, the temperature of vacuum pump will be too high, and there will be the possibility of smoke.

2, blue brand dirt suction truck dirt suction operation, high speed dirt suction.Sewage suction truck in sewage suction operation, is idle operation, vacuum pump speed of 800-1000 RPM.But sometimes in order to improve the suction speed, improve the suction head, some owners need to choose the oil door to increase the speed of this method.This method is simple and effective, but can cause the pump temperature to rise rapidly.

3, the vacuum pump oil is insufficient, or even no oil.The oil in the vacuum pump plays the role of lubrication and cooling, if the vacuum pump oil, or even no oil, can not play the role of lubrication and cooling, pump temperature will rise quickly, leading to smoke

4, blue brand sewage suction car in the sewage suction process, impurities into the pump body, resulting in increased friction coefficient.Impurities into the pump body, mixed with the oil, leading to oil lubrication reduced, and seriously increase the friction coefficient in the pump, friction heat, pump temperature quickly increased.

How to deal with vacuum pump smoke?

If your smudge truck vacuum pump is smoking, you need to quickly stop the operation, turn off the power lifter, smudge truck to stop the fire.If continue to force suction operations, light speed pump body wear, shorten the service life of vacuum pump.Heavy lead to damage and scrap.

After the fire stop, we need to analyze what causes the smoke of vacuum pump.

1, if it is because of the continuous operation time of the sewage suction truck is too long, you need to put the sewage suction truck fire, let the vacuum pump rest, until the temperature of the pump body down.

2, if it is because of the high speed suction pollution caused by the vacuum pump smoke, also need to suction pollution car fire, let the vacuum pump rest, until the temperature of the pump body down.

3, if the vacuum pump smoke is caused by insufficient oil or even no oil in the vacuum pump, you need to add enough oil to the oil separator.Drain blockage problem although not common, in the event will be very trouble, not only full of peculiar smell will also affect the pollution in the future car use, will be left on the interior board or light or heavy tar, although a 4 s shop a year also dozens of cases of drain plug, but in order to rule out the possibility of drain plug, this article will harm are introduced, the position of drain, jam and through screening method to solve the congestion and dredging, to draw the attention of the drivers.

How to prevent the suction sewage car drain plug

Location of drain hole

Pollution scupper the general distribution of car body in several places, sunroof, engine compartment, beneath the door plank, trunk the spare tire, the cap, where one of the most easy to plug in the skylight and the engine compartment, because the two places most overlooked, and sundry often pile up here cause congestion is more and more serious.

Drainage hole blockage hazard

Nowadays, car factories are improving more and more in details. In order to prevent the drainage hole from blocking, car factories will use thick rubber pipes and even open design to let the water flow down the rust-proof car body.Pit dad & throughout;The design was greatly improved.But even this only reduces the probability of drainage hole blockage, facing different positions of drainage hole its blockage causes different.

Tank cover drain hole

Within we often ignore the cap after washing the car, some vehicles due to the fuel tank on the mouth opening, the lower water easily, can design drain, the drain has not fallen leaves and other debris into the if block basic it is dust accumulation formation, more water will be frozen in winter caps, summer bacteria can develop.Some vehicles avoid this problem by modifying their interior styling to avoid water accumulation.

The bottom drain hole of the door panel

Today, most of the door plank bottom hole and no hose for channel, leakage into the door of the rain will flow in the door to the lower drain discharge, due to its lower drain position, driving for a long time in the muddy road pollution cars, drain silt are easy to be sealed, the driver must pay attention to check, once the water inside the door, door plank inside a thin layer of waterproof membrane is unable to stop, a lot of rain a lot of water on the window lifter, audio equipment damage.

Trunk drain

Because the trunk spare tire place to belong to the position of the lower body, high pollution cars wade position or light gap in water after the water seepage flow in the car body internal to the position, so the car will set aside the drain, but due to the drain efficiency low and the rainwater flows into the car likely, most manufacturers with a soft plastic plug, water when open can.

4, if it is a foreign body into the pump body, leading to the pump internal friction coefficient is too large.You need to open the pump body, release the contaminated oil, and clean the pump body, oil and gas separator, tubing, and so on, and then put on a new oil. The above are the reasons and treatment of smoke from vacuum pump

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