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Summer continuous rainfall sanitation vehicles should be maintained like this!

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Summer continuous rainfall sanitation vehicles should be maintained like this!

·         chassis maintenance

Because the chassis of the vehicle is close to the ground, it is easy to rust in rainy days, so we must pay attention to the sanitation vehicle chassis cleaning and rust prevention. Vehicle chassis maintenance generally to be done by a professional automotive maintenance center. The general step is to clean the chassis first, and then carry out anti-rust treatment. Generally speaking, the chassis anti-rust treatment is done once, and the anti-rust effect can be maintained for about three months.

Paint maintenance

Body paint is originally to protect the vehicle shell, and the rain in the acid composition of the paint has a corrosive effect, over time will also cause damage to the car body. Therefore, in the rain more season, it is best to give the vehicle a comprehensive paint maintenance. The easiest and most effective way to maintain your paint is to wax it. If you want more lasting and effective protection, you need to seal the glaze.

Engine and exhaust pipe maintenance

The air filter of the engine is an important part of the whole vehicle. Many sanitation vehicles air filter is very close to the ground, when passing through the water on the road, once water, may cause serious mechanical accidents, and easy to cause connecting rod bending, tamping cylinder and other phenomena. So all sanitation drivers need to wipe the rain on the engine in time, check whether there are cracks in the generator belt, so as not to shorten the service life of the vehicle.

The maintenance of windscreen wiper

The increase of rain will inevitably make the wipers bear more work, rainy road and line of sight are not conducive to driving, if the wipers can not brush the rain, will bring great challenges to the safety of driving, so the inspection and maintenance of the wipers need to be more careful. If damaged, replace the wiper in time.

Tire maintenance

On rainy days, the adhesion between the tires and the ground is greatly reduced by the water. Before the rainy season, the tires need to be thoroughly checked. If the tire parts of the vehicle wear more serious, appear the phenomenon of tire pattern disappeared, must be replaced in time.

The car maintenance

Rainy season temperature rise, moist air, is a variety of bacteria breeding and growth season, so we should pay special attention to the car interior health and anti-bacteria, especially the car seat cushion, air outlet these health dead corners, but also to do a good job cleaning. During daily maintenance, special interior cleaning agent can be used to clean and disinfect the control platform, door and other parts

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