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What are the specifications of the ambulance?

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What are the specifications of the ambulance?

With the advancement of the implementation of the rural emergency system construction, the ambulance market has begun to expand, and the performance of the vehicles has been continuously improved. Become the mainstream, thanks to the technical level and vehicle characteristics of the European light passenger are more suitable for the current emergency work needs. The interior of modern ambulances is relatively spacious so that paramedics have enough space to treat patients on their way. Modern ambulances also carry a large number of bandages and topical supplies, which can help stop bleeding, clean wounds, and prevent infection. Let’s find out the specification of the ambulance.


Here is the content list:





Real-time processing function of the central computer chipset: real-time processing of various sensors and switch facilities

Wait for the provided signal and deal with it accordingly.

The function of monitoring and alarming the differential pressure inside and outside the car: through the imported differential pressure sensor and the differential pressure switch, the actual

When monitoring the pressure difference inside and outside the car, once the monitoring pressure difference exceeds -30 ~ -10Pa, the central computer chip will

The alarm is controlled and the display screen prompts the medical staff that the pressure difference is too high or too low.

The pressure difference monitoring, and alarm function before and after the high-efficiency filter: through the imported pressure difference sensor and the pressure difference.

Switch to monitor the pressure difference before and after the high-efficiency filter in real-time. Once the pressure difference exceeds the set value,

The central computer chip will control the alarm

The screen prompts medical staff that the high-efficiency filter is clogged, please replace the high-efficiency filter.

Automatic fan adjustment function: once the central computer chip receives the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the car

-30 ~-10Pa signal, will automatically control the fan to adjust the wind speed, making the pressure difference inside and outside the car

Back to -30 ~ -10Pa, to ensure that the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the car is maintained at -30 ~ -10Pa.

Plus effectively protect the safety of medical staff.


The negative pressure purification device for ambulances is special purification equipment for ambulances. This negative pressure purification device is installed

The installed ambulance enables the ambulance to treat and transfer infectious diseases and other special diseases to the maximum

Minimize the chance of cross-infection between medical staff and patients, and the negative pressure can also

The air is discharged after harmless treatment, effectively avoiding more human infections and preventing the source of infectious diseases.

Play a good control role.


By keeping the air pressure in the ambulance within the range of -30 to -10Pa relative to the atmospheric pressure outside the vehicle,

Guide the airflow to a place far away from the medical staff, and then filter the efficiency as

1 99.995%

The high-efficiency filter is filtered and discharged outside the car.

If you have any questions about the ambulance you can consult our company CLW group.

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