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Which wrecker operation is stronger? Looking into Guangdong Yuehai

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From October 16th to 19th, 2018, the “National Invitational Tournament for Wrecker truck Operation Skills” was held in the factory area of Guangdong Yuehai Automobile Co., Ltd. The team that signed up for the competition has a total of 83 teams representing 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, as well as 9 provincial and municipal delegations as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Japanese counterparts to observe and exchange. The number of participants reached 600. The rest of the people.

This competition is called "2018 Guangdong Vocational Skills Competition - Guangdong Wrecker Operation Skills Competition and the 7th National Clearance Vehicle Operation Skills National Invitational Tournament", which was upgraded from the original "China Wrecker Operation Skills Competition" Come for the provincial vocational skills competition.

This year's upgrade to the Guangdong Provincial Vocational Skills Competition aims to promote the cultivation of highly skilled personnel in the road clearing and rescue industry. "New era, new skills, new dreams" is the new theme of this competition. The organizer said that it hopes that the event will be upgraded to a national vocational skill competition in the future through experience and improvement, as well as support and support from leaders and departments at all levels.

The wrecker operation skill competition is divided into two projects: flatbed rescue and bus rescue. The participating teams need to complete the designated operation items in the venue, which is difficult. In addition to the completion time, it depends on the operator's disciplinary image, clearing operation and driving skills. The final scores are added to the final result.

The results of the "flat-type wrecker rescue competition", the first completion time of the fifth session was 9 minutes and 7 seconds, followed by the sixth, due to the innovation of Guangdong Yuehai rescue equipment - using rear-mounted auxiliary wheels It saves the time for rescue operators to move around. The completion time of the first place in the sixth session broke through to 8 minutes and 44 seconds. After the standardization and standardization of the rescue, the operational skills are also improved year by year. The general score is above 90 points, and the best score is 100 points.

As a leader in the domestic wrecker manufacturing industry, Guangdong Yuehai Automobile Co., Ltd. has obtained 3 national invention patents, more than 40 utility models and appearance patents by introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technologies and vigorously developing independent technologies. At the same time of this competition, Guangdong Yuehai joined Volvo, Jianghuai, Qingling, Beiqi Foton, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, China National Heavy Duty Truck and other domestic and commercial commercial vehicle chassis manufacturers, launched a variety of new wrecker products, by industry personnel highly anticipated.

Since 2011, after six years of accumulation and industry affirmation, Guangdong Yuehai Automobile Company's “Clean Car Operation Skills Competition” has become a major event in the road rescue industry. From product manufacturing to promoting the development of the industry, Guangdong Yuehai has written a strong stroke for the development of China's special-purpose automobile industry.

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