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[Refrigerated truck knowledge] The colder the refrigerated truck, the better?

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[Refrigerated truck knowledge] The colder the refrigerated truck, the better?

As we all know, the current refrigerated trucks are used in many fields, but the knowledge of the use of refrigerated trucks may not be well understood. Some refrigerated trucks transport refrigeration people think that the lower the temperature of the cold storage, the better, so that the shelf life of ice storage can be extended, but sometimes it should be determined according to the storage temperature required by different items, such as fruits and vegetables, too low refrigeration The refrigerated transport temperature of the truck is prone to frostbite, while the meat product can be stored for a longer period of time due to its low temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to select the temperature of the cold storage from the perspective of long-term storage time.


For example, meat can be stored at -18 ° C for 4-6 months, and stored at -23 ° C for 8-12 months, because meat will reach consumers in 5 months, so sometimes Consider whether to choose the storage temperature of -23 °C. Therefore, the design of the refrigerated truck must be based on the product life cycle and the effective storage environment to select the appropriate storage temperature. The temperature of the cold storage is below -20 °C, because seafood and cold drinks need not be deteriorated below -20 °C. The characteristics of the cold storage are that the instrument is placed into the cold storage from time to time, and the temperature of the cold storage after a period of time. Up to -20 ° C, there is no special requirement for this period of time, but strict requirements for the library temperature, between -18 ° C ~ -23 ° C is a typical low-temperature cold storage, but the storage of cold drinks containing dairy products, library The temperature should be -20 ° C ~ -28 ° C, but these two different temperatures require different levels of equipment, equipment investment has a big gap.


Air pre-cooling of refrigerated trucks: The air pre-cooling method has the advantages of easy adjustment of air temperature and humidity, cooling and refrigerating transportation of various foods, and low equipment cost. Vacuum pre-cooling of refrigerated trucks: According to the physical properties of water with reduced boiling point, the pre-cooled food is placed in a vacuum tank to evacuate. When the pressure is reduced to a certain value, the moisture on the surface of the food begins to evaporate, absorbing latent heat of vaporization. The method of cooling the food itself is a vacuum pre-cooling method. Water pre-cooling: A method of using water to reduce the temperature of the cooled food from the initial temperature to the desired end temperature.

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