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The fault indicator of the fuel tank truck,How much information do you know?

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The fault indicator of the fuel tank truck,How much information do you know?

     With the development of society, the advancement of science and technology, many vehicle failures are predictable, so why is the fault of the vehicle predictable?

     Take the fuel tank truck in the dangerous goods transport vehicle as an example. The instrument panel in the tank of the fuel tank truck is very important. If the vehicle fails, it will be displayed on the instrument panel. The fault may not be manifested, but the instrument panel Tips allow us to be prepared in advance. Today we will come together to find out the fault indicator of the fuel tank truck.

   1. Water temperature warning light: This kind of situation generally appears more in summer. The fuel tank truck thermometer is usually pointer type. Its pointer usually indicates the position of the red area at normal temperature. The temperature value is generally around 95 degrees Celsius. Can tell us the current temperature of the vehicle, indicating whether the engine is now in the normal temperature range, whether there is abnormality such as high temperature.

   The fuel tank truck driving at high temperatures is very unfavorable to the engine, especially in the summer, the temperature is high, it is easy to cause the engine high temperature, so when driving the tanker in the summer, be sure to pay attention to the water temperature warning light, once the pointer reaches the alarm area Be sure to stop the vehicle in a safe place for inspection in time to find out the cause of high water temperature and discharge the fault in time.

   2. Brake warning light: If the normal hand brake is released, the brake alarm and so on will be on, then you should get off the vehicle and check the brake oil level in time to see if the brake oil is missing. If the brake oil is found. Serious shortage, be sure to check for oil leakage, because the brake oil will not be reduced a lot in an instant, but the brake oil leakage will cause the brake to fail. If the brake fluid is not reduced, then check the oil level sensor or hand brake light switch is faulty.

   3, the engine fault light: If the lights are on or pressure gauge is too high, we must close the tank engine and check whether the lack of oil, and check for lack of oil.

   4, ABS warning lamp: Usually the ABS control system crashes, the other brake system is normal, there is no problem of traveling of the vehicle, the vehicle must be open to such a case as soon as the service station to repair.

   5. Airbag warning light: If the airbag self-test fails after the tanker starts, the safety warning light will light up. At this time, in the event of an accident, the airbag cannot be ejected, and it cannot function as it should. Kind of situation must also be timely to the repair station to repair.

   The amount of information on the dashboard of the vehicle is very large. I hope that the friends who drive the special vehicle must pay attention to the instrument panel and try to minimize the failure rate of the vehicle.

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