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What are the maintenance mistakes in the fuel tank truck? How much do you know?

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What are the maintenance mistakes in the fuel tank truck? How much do you know?

As a member of the dangerous goods transport vehicle, how much do you know about its maintenance? We all know that no matter what kind of trucks need to be maintained, but there will be misunderstandings in maintenance, do you know the maintenance misunderstandings of fuel tank trucks?

Myth 1: Always fill the tire pressure very high. Many drivers like to adjust the tire pressure to a high level. They feel that this can save fuel and overload. In fact, if the tire pressure is too high, the ground contact area of the tire will decrease, and the tread wear will be severe, which will reduce the braking effect of the brake,There is no doubt that this will affect the safety of driving; But the tire pressure is too low is also not good.If the tire pressure is too low, it will accelerate the wear of the shoulders, and will also increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle, which will also affect the driving safety and the braking effect of the vehicle.


Myth 2:Always add the engine oil is very full, many drivers are always worried that the engine oil is not enough, always give it full, but many people do not know that the excessive oil will increase  the rotational resistance of crank connecting rod mechanism,also increases the amount of oil splashed onto the cylinder wall. Excessive oil can also cause carbon deposits in the combustion chamber to increase, and engine power to drop, thereby affecting emissions.In fact, the amount of oil should not be too large, but not too little, in general,it should be added according to the scale on the oil scale. The oil level should not exceed the upper limit of the scale. The minimum can not be lower than the lower limit of the scale.  The best is the oil level on the upper side of the scale.

Myth 3: Fix the bolts of the vehicle too tight. Under normal circumstances, the bolts of various parts of the tanker truck have corresponding tightening torques according to their diameter, pitch and use,not up to the provisions of the torque bolts will be loose, more than the tightening torque bolts will be elongated.We should be aware of the tightening torque when fastening bolts.


Myth 4:Always think that it is better to tighten the belt in the attachment than to loosen it.Many owners of the fuel tank truck think that increasing the tension of the accessory belt can improve the cooling effect of the compressor and the power generation of the generator. In fact, this is wrong.The accessory belt should maintain proper tension, because too tight a belt will overload the bearing, shorten the service life of the part, and cause the belt to break, which will eventually affect the normal use of the vehicle.

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