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Fire Fighting Truck

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Fire fighting Truck

Fire truck, also known as fire engines, refer to vehicles designed and manufactured to be suitable for use by firefighters and equipped with various fire fighting equipment or extinguishing agents for fire fighting, auxiliary fire fighting or fire rescue by fire fighting forces. Most national fire departments, including China, will also use them for other emergency rescue purposes.  Fire engines can transport firefighters to disaster sites and provide them with various tools to carry out disaster relief tasks.


 Modern fire truck are usually equipped with steel ladders, water cannons, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, demolition tools, first aid tools and other equipment. Some of them are also equipped with large fire extinguishing equipment such as water tanks, water pumps, foam fire extinguishing devices and so on.  The appearance of fire engines in most areas is red, but the appearance of fire engines in some areas is yellow as well as that of some special fire engines. Alarm sirens, warning lights and flash lights are usually installed at the top of fire engines.  Common types of fire engines include water tank fire engines, foam fire truck, pump fire engines, climbing platform fire engines, ladder truck, etc.


Fire engines have various types and complicated functions, which can be classified according to different standards, including micro fire engines, light fire engines, medium fire engines and heavy fire engines according to their chassis carrying capacity.  According to appearance structure, it can be divided into single bridge fire truck, double bridge fire truck, flat head fire truck and pointed fire truck.  According to the classification of extinguishing agents, they can be divided into water tank fire engines, dry powder fire engines and foam fire truck.


According to the installation position of the water pump on the fire engine, it is classified as: front pump type fire engine: the water pump is installed at the front end of the fire engine, which has the advantages of convenient maintenance of the water pump and is suitable for medium and light fire engines;  Central pump type fire truck: the water pump is installed in the middle of the fire truck;  At present, most fire engines in our country adopt this type: the advantage is that the overall layout of the whole vehicle is relatively reasonable;  Rear-mounted pump type fire truck: its characteristic is that the maintenance of the water pump is more convenient than that of the central pump.  Inverted pump type fire truck: the water pump is located on the side of the frame. this type is often used for airport rescue fire trucks with rear engines.  This arrangement can reduce the center of gravity of the whole vehicle and also bring convenience to overhaul the water pump.

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