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How to maintain an asphalt sprayer truck?

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How to maintain an asphalt sprayer truck?

How to maintain an asphalt sprayer truck?


Asphalt spreader is used for spreader of oil, waterproof and adhesive layer at the bottom of asphalt pavement of high grade highway. 

So when the asphalt sprinklers are regularly maintained, what needs to be done?There are several specific cases:

(1) maintenance after the first use: asphalt tank fixed connection;Retighten all connectors after 50 hours of use.

(2) after the daily work (or the equipment is shut down for more than 1 hour) : empty the nozzle 

with compressed air;A few liters of diesel oil are added to the asphalt pump to ensure the smooth 

restart of the asphalt pump;Turn off the tank top air switch; 

(or every 200 hours of work) : check whether the asphalt pump fastener is loose, if loose timely fastening; 

(4) replace the servo pump filter;Replacement of hydraulic oil, the replacement of hydraulic oil in the pipeline must reach 40-50 ℃ to reduce oil viscosity and liquidity before replacement

(5) every two years (or every 1000 hours of work) : replace the PLC battery;Replace heat conducting oil;Check or replace the burner dc motor carbon brush.

6 regular maintenance: before each construction should check the oil mist device level, oil shortage need to add ISOVG32 or 1# turbine oil to the upper limit of the level. 

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