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Howo Dry Powder Combination Rescue Fire Truck 4X4 3000L Water 1000Liters Foam 500L Dry Powder

Fire Fighter Trucks A fire truck (also called fire water truck, fire water foam truck, firefighter, firefighting truck, fire apparatus, fire engine, or fire appliance), Which is a vehicle designed primarily for firefighting operations. In addition, many fire departments often employ their vehicles for various other uses including emergency medical services and rescue purposes. mainly used to perform fire response tasks, will be used by other fire departments in most countries, including China, for other emergency rescue purposes. Fire trucks can transport firefighters to the scene of the disaster and provide a variety of tools for their disaster relief missions. We have quality firefighter truck for sale.
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Howo Dry Powder Rescue Fire Truck 4X4 3000L Water 1000Liters foam 500L Dry Powder


Product Description


1. Dry Powder Rescue Fire Truck is composed with truck body and cabin,cabin is two rows,which can allow 6 persons.The front part of truck body is equipment room,middle is water tank and foam tank,rear is pump room.


2) To ensure good performance of Dry Powder Rescue Fire Truck,Dry Powder Rescue Fire Truck is equipped with middle and low pressure fire pump CB20.10/30.6o with flow rate at 60L/S and Chengdu Wester fire monitor PL48(PM160)or PS60W(SG160).


3) Dry Powder Rescue Fire Trucks are widely used in factory,terminal,oil&gas depot to insure emergency fire cases.


4) Loading capacity range of Dry Powder Rescue Fire Trucks:2ton,2t,3ton,5ton,6tons,8ton,10tons,12ton,14ton,16ton


Spec. of Howo Dry Powder Rescue Fire Truck 4X4 3000L Water 1000Liters foam 500L Dry Powder


Model Parameters others
Overall Dimension 8470*2500*3640mm
GVW 16000kg
Engine Model WD615.87
Engine Power 213kW
Wheelbase 4600mm
Driving Type 4X4
Max.speed 102km/h
Emission Standard 9726ml/kW Euro2 
Fire pump rated flow 60L/s@1.0Mpa, 30L/s@2.0Mpa Vacuum pump
water monitor rated flow 48-64L/s@1.0-1.2Mpa (ajustable) Straight stream/spray/mist spray
Water monitor range Water range≥65m,Foam≥60m
Passengers 2+4
Approach angle ≥16°
Departure angle ≥19°



Item Parameters Parameters others
1 Tank capacity water 3000㎏
Foam 1000㎏
Dry powder 500kg
2 Fire pump model CB20.10/30.60 Shanghai rongshen
3 Fire pump performance

Pressure 1:1.0Mpa flow:60L/S

Pressure 2: 2.0Mpa flow:30L/S

Use vacuum pump

to priming water

4 the installation site of fire pump rear

The quantity of fire

pump water outlet


Dry powder tank pressure 0.5Mpa~1.7Mpa
6 Pressure gauge 0-2.5 MPa 2.6 level
7 Vacuum gauge -0.1- -1 MPa 2.6 level



Water monitor


Injection pressure


Foam: ≥60m

Depression/Elevation angle -15-+75°
Turning angle 340°
9 Foam proportioner 3%-5%
10 PTO Model

YTQ800F type full power

sandwich , pneumatic



Fire fighting equipment 
Item Item parameters unit quantity
1 sucking hose(DN135) Φ135×2m piece 4
2 water filter(FLF135) Φ135 piece 1
3 Water collector FJ135 piece 1
4 Adapter kJ65/80 piece 2
5 Adapter (KT135) 135 to 100mm piece 1
6 sucking pipe wrench FS135 piece 2
7 fire hydrant wrench FB400 piece 1
8 underground fire hydrantwrench FBA1000 piece 1
9 water hose 20-65-20m disc 8
10 water hose 20-80-20m disc 4
11 straight stream nozzle QZG19 piece 1
12 diversion spray nozzle QZH19 piece 1
13 Foam nozzle PQ8 Piece 1
14 Foam nozzle PQ16 piecec 1
15 Water distributor FFS80 piece 1
16 hose protector HQ600(wooden) pair 2
17 Fire spade
Piece 1
18 Fire crowbar
piece 1
19 hose hook FG600 piece 2
20 hose gaiter FP470 piece 4
21 fire axe 817mm piece 1
22 pickax
piece 1


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Q1: What kinds of Dry Powder Rescue Fire Truck I can order from your company?

A: There are various sizes and types of Dry Powder Rescue Fire Trucks with different functions,you can contact us and tell your request.We will recommend you suitable product.


Q2:: Have you supplied Dry Powder Rescue Fire Trucks to any overseas companies?

A: Yes,with need of government project,we offered Dry Powder Rescue Fire Trucks to many Africa and south-east Asian,south-American countries.


Q3 What about warranty?

A: Equipment warranty is 12 months from the date on which the equipment is applied successfully into operation, or 13 months from the date on which the equipment has been delivered, whichever comes first.


Q5: Where is your factory? How far from Shanghai to your factory?

A: Our factory is based in Suizhou city, Hubei province, China. Our overseas marketing office is in Wuhan city,Hubei Province.Wuhan is about two hours' plane and four hours' high speed train from Beijing,Shanghai or Guangzhou city,welcome to visit us for factory inspection.

Firefighter trucks by functions

For different function, Water Tanker Fire Truck. Foam Fire Truck. Powder Fire Truck. Universal Fire Truck. Carbon Dioxide Fire Truck. elevating fire truck (Water Tower Fire Truck. Elevating Platform Fire Truck. Aerial Ladder Fire Truck), Emergency Rescue Fire Vehicle.

Except for the fire pump and equipment, water tank fire truck is equipped with a large-capacity water storage tank, water gun, and water cannon. Water and firefighters can be transported to the fire to independently fight the fire. It can also be used directly from the water source to save water, or to other fire trucks and fire-fighting spray devices. It can also be used as a water supply and water transport vehicle in water-deficient areas. It is suitable for fighting general fires. It is a fire-fighting vehicle that is reserved by the public security fire brigade and the full-time fire brigade of enterprises and enterprises.

Foam fire trucks are mainly equipped with fire pumps, water tanks, foam tanks, foam mixing systems, foam guns, guns and other fire equipment, which can save fires independently. It is especially suitable for oil fires such as oil and its products. It can also supply water and foam mixture to the fire. It is a necessary fire-fighting vehicle for petrochemical enterprises, oil terminals, airports, and urban professional fire brigades.

A fire with a high-pressure gas storage cylinder with carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent and its complete set of spraying devices and some also have a fire pump. It is mainly used to save fires such as valuable equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics and books, and archives, and can also save general material fires.

Dry powder fire trucks are mainly equipped with dry powder fire extinguishing agent tanks and complete dry powder spraying devices, fire pumps and fire fighting equipment, etc.

It mainly uses dry powder to save flammable and flammable liquids, flammable gas fires, fires from live equipment, and fires that can cause general substances. For large chemical pipeline fires, the effectiveness of the rescue is particularly significant. It is a fire truck kept by petrochemical companies.

Foam-dry powder combined with fire trucks The equipment and fire extinguishing agent is a combination of a foam fire truck and a dry powder fire truck. It can spray different fire extinguishing agents at the same time or can be used alone. Suitable for fighting flammable gases, flammable liquids, organic solvents, and electrical equipment as well as general material fires.

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