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Concrete Mix Truck

Concrete mixer truck, capacity from 3cbm - 16 cbm, are made to transport and mix concrete up to the construction site. The concrete mixer truck for sale can be charged with dry materials and water, with the mixing occurring during transport. 

Concrete mixer truck follows the popular style of Europe and the United States, which makes appearance of the vehicle modeling unique and high quality concrete mixer trucks have compact and reasonable structure. The tank material of the concrete mixer truck adopts special wear-resistant steel plate so as to fully guarantee the wear resistance of the tank. Tank welding of the concrete mixer truck for sale uses a special tank tooling fixture, with the use of Panasonic automatic welding machine welding,paint completely in accordance with the requirements of luxury passenger car coating process, the quality of the industry-leading level.

Concrete mixer truck Water supplying system: It could supply water and wash the inner body.

Mixer working way of the concrete mixer truck :Material let-in:3m3/minute, let-out:2m3/minute; rate of rest<1%; speed of leaf: 20 round/minute.

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