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Synchronous Chip Sealer

Synchronous chip sealer truck can perform asphalt binder spraying and chip spreading processes synchronously, which allows full contact between binders and aggregates, thus resulting in maximum cohesive performance. Synchronous chip sealer trucks can also separately spray or spread asphalt or aggregate in special conditions. The basic equipment of the synchronous chip sealer includes the asphalt tank, chip tank, asphalt pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, Siemens control system, burner, transfer oil heating system, radiator, generator, sprayer system, chip spreader system, etc.

Synchronous chip sealer truck adopts famous brand chassis with reliable quality. Asphalt tank adopts the heat preservation material of silicon acid aluminum and with good performance of heat preservation.

The synchronous chip sealer truck can spray with certain quantity by fixed spray pipe or spray by hand spray gun. Asphalt pump is installed outside for convenience or for operations. Pipeline cleaning adopts heat conducting oil and can be cleaned with high pressure air. The nozzles of the trucks are not easily jammed.

We adopt the highway equipment made by the well-known manufacturer in Italy with over 70 years of history.

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