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LPG skid stations, also known as LPG filling skid mounted station, mobile LPG filling LPG filling station, Portable LPG skid mounted station,LPG cylinder filling station and LPG auto-gas car filling station. The LPG skid station put all the Pump system, electrical system, safety system, pipe system, filling scales and LPG dispenser together and mounted on the skid base. The clients can use it directly when they got them. It's built in a similar manner, with most of the fueling installation underground, pump machines in the forecourt and a point of service inside a building. Single or multiple LPG storage tanks are usually deployed aboveground. Local regulations and environmental concerns may require a different method, with some stations storing their LPG in container tanks, entrenched surface tanks or unprotected lpg tanks deployed on the surface. lpg is usually offloaded with pump and motor from a tanker truck or LPG tank semi trailer into the tanks of LPG skid station through a separate valve, located on the filling station's perimeter. LPG from the tanks travels to the dispenser pumps through underground or above ground pipes. For every LPG tank, direct access must be available at all times. Most tanks can be accessed through a service canal directly from the forecourt.

The LPG skid station will use the good quality and performance 5000 liters-50 000 liters LPG storage tank which produced by CLW Group. Our LPG skid station contains the loading and unloading system in the skid station. The LPG filling skid station can use the Corken, Blackmer, ABB, SIEMENS, REGO, FISHER, MEC, ROCHESTER, FORT and other China local brand accessories and main machines. The Filling machine can choose the Electrical LPG filling scales, Single or double nozzles LPG dispenser and so on.  All those machine can be fixed on the LPG cylinders filling station before the shipment. The Nigerian like to buy, resell and use our CLW designed LPG filling skid station. 

Older LPG filling skid station tend to use a separate pipe for every kind of available LPG and for every dispenser. Newer stations may employ a single pipe for every dispenser. This pipe houses a number of smaller pipes for the individual lpg filling types. LPG tanks, dispenser and nozzles used to fill car tanks employ vapor recovery systems, which prevents releases of vapor into the atmosphere with a system of pipes. The exhausts are placed as high as possible. A vapor recovery system may be employed at the exhaust pipe. This system collects the vapors, liquefies them and releases them back into the lowest grade fuel tank available.

The forecourt is the part of a filling station where vehicles are refilling. LPG dispensers are placed on concrete plinths, as a precautionary measure. Additional elements may be employed, including metal barriers. The area around the lpg dispensers must have a drainage system. Since LPG sometimes spills on the ground, as little of it as possible should penetrate the soil.

The underground modular filling station is a construction model for filling stations that was developed and patented by Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd. The construction model for underground modular filling station makes the installation time shorter, designing easier and manufacturing less expensive. As a proof of the model's installation speed an unofficial world record of filling station installation with underground tank and dispensers, pump, motors and all the accessory whole set safety accessories, like gas leak detector, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, emergency cut-off valve, safety valves, etc.

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