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Aerial Platform Truck

Aerial platform Truck is the operating height of more than 3 meters, by the hydraulic or electric system control more hydraulic cylinders, can lift up and down a vehicle. The use of hydraulic transmission of manned aerial vehicles, is the contemporary advanced species of mechanical equipment. In the case of construction workers using the aerial platform vehicle correctly, security can be guaranteed. If the operation of the aerial platform truck is not correct or security measures are not implemented, it is very dangerous high-altitude operation.

The main operating height of the aerial platform truck is 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 14 meters, 16 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 24 meters and other types of aerial platform truck. Operators are provided in both the bucket and the swivel, remote control of engine start / stop, high speed / low speed, with the operation of stationarity electro-hydraulic proportional valve, working arm can be left and right 360 °continuous rotation, the horizontal of the work box is automatically maintained by the link mechanism.

The main pump failure of the China aerial platform truck can be manipulated emergency pump down the operating slot, with night lighting, lifting heavy objects function. The aerial platform trucks for sale are widely used in electric power, street lamps, municipal, garden, communications, airports, built (repair) boats, transportation, advertising, photography and other high-altitude field.

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