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LPG Storage Tank

China LPG Storage Tanks is also called LPG bulk tank, LPG bowser, LPG tank and so on. Which is for holding liquids, propane, ammonia, propylene, Isobutane, compressed gases (gas tank; or pressure vessel, which is not typically labeled or regulated as a storage tank) or mediums used for the short- or long-term storage of heat or cold . The China LPG Storage Tanks can be used for reservoirs, and for manufactured containers. Those LPG Storage tanks which are provided by liquefied petroleum gas tanks manufacturers or our propane storage tanks supplier are available in many shapes: vertical and horizontal cylindrical; open top and closed top; flat bottom, cone bottom, slope bottom and dish bottom. Large China LPG storagetanks tend to be vertical cylindrical, or to have rounded corners transition from vertical side wall to bottom profile, to easier withstand hydraulic hydro-statically induced pressure of contained liquid. Most lpg bulk gas storage tank for handling liquids during transportation are designed to handle varying degrees of pressure.

The material of the ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified storage tanks is generally carbon steel Q345R, Q370R Q420R. also ASME standard SA516 or SA517 materials. The loading capacity of the LPG storage tanks could be 5,000 liters to 250,000 liters.

Most LPG tanks will be used to be LPG skid station or LPG filling plant, which is special for the cylinders filling, auto-gas car filling and other LPG bobtail or LPG truck filling. The good quality LPG storage tank can ensure the LPG station’s safety and good performance. Only the professional LPG storage tank manufacturer and designers can produce the good quality and standardize LPG tanks and LPG products for the clients. Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd(CLW Group) is the experienced and professional A2, C2, C3 Pressure vessel manufacturer and ASME authorized manufacturer for the LPG storage tank and LPG bowser. CLW Factory can supply the Customized LPG storage tanks and can equipped with REGO, MEC, FISHER, FORT, CORKEN, ROCHESTER brand and China local brand accessories.

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