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LNG Bobtail Truck

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LNG Bobtail Truck

LNG Bobtail Truck


The LNG Bobtail Truck is a special vehicle filled with LNG. The LNG Bobtail Truck is based on the LNG cryogenic liquid transport vehicle and integrates the flow and control system of the LNG refueling station into the second-class vehicle chassis. The LNG in the tank is filled into a dedicated gas filling device in the LNG storage cylinder of the automobile through a pipeline, a cryopump, an air gun, and the like. Its main equipment includes: LNG storage tank, LNG cryogenic pump, LNG pressure regulating gasifier, LNG gas filling system, motor, box and so on. Each device is installed in the rear of the car, as well as the piping system, control system and supporting facilities to form an LNG mobile refueling car. LNG mobile refueling vehicles make up for the shortage of LNG refueling stations, and can flexibly refuel LNG vehicles anytime and anywhere. In line with the green economy, the development direction of low-carbon economy, in line with the development direction of new energy vehicles.

market situation

Countries around the world have vigorously promoted LNG vehicles and gas stations, of which the United States is in a leading position in LNG vehicle technology. LNG vehicles are not only suitable for urban buses, but also for taxis and large freight vehicles, especially long-haul vehicles.

The key to LNG vehicle and gas station technology lies in the storage and transportation of LNG. Because the temperature of -162 °C has some special requirements for LNG equipment, its technical difficulty is greater than that of CNG and LPG. However, from the application of some developed countries, LNG vehicles and gas station technology are fully mature. Recently, the main equipment of domestic LNG filling stations, such as low-temperature atmospheric pressure storage tanks and air-temperature gasifiers, have been mastered by domestic manufacturers and can be mass-produced.


LNG mobile refueling car is composed of a highly integrated LNG vehicle refueling device. It has a full set of LNG refueling station functions, and has a small footprint, flexible layout, low energy consumption, etc., so LNG mobile plus Gas vehicles are more suitable for projects where the site conditions are highly constrained and the gas supply needs are urgent. Like a gas station, LNG mobile refueling vehicles have a full set of LNG filling stations. They are mainly used for pre-development and testing of specific users and LNG vehicles. They have been widely used in the early 1990s. LNG mobile refueling car, a car rated storage capacity of 20 ~ 30m3 (about 8 ~ 12 tons), need to be equipped with a low-temperature mass flow gas sales machine, imported low-temperature centrifugal pump, PLC control system and safety device Set, can refill 40 to 80 cars.

LNG mobile refueling car internal gas filling system process


1 Unloading process: The LNG tank LNC is unloaded into the LNG storage tank by the LNG cryogenic pump.

2 Gas filling process: The LNG in the storage tank is taken out by the LNG cryogenic pump, and the gas filling operation is performed to the LNG automobile through the air filling machine.

3 Pressure regulation process: After the unloading is completed, a part of LNG is taken out from the storage tank by LNG cryogenic pump, and then pressurized into the storage tank through LNG gasification, and the vaporization is stopped when the pressure of the storage tank reaches the set pressure.

Object oriented

1) Replenish LNG fuel on the way to the single-fuel LNG vehicle from the place of production to the place of use;

2) To solve the problem of fuel replenishment during transportation by using LNG as a fuel large-scale logistics transportation fleet;

3) To solve the problem of normal gas supply in place of the gas station when repairing the gas station;

4) In the early stage of construction of fixed stations in small and medium-sized cities, LNG mobile refueling vehicles can solve the problem of early refueling;

5) Refueling needs for LNG vehicles are not provided in LNG filling stations or in co-construction mode such as city gas stations;

6) It is suitable for ensuring the emergency refueling, temporary refueling and maintenance support of LNG vehicles.


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