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What are the characteristics of vacuum trucks?

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What are the characteristics of vacuum trucks?

The quality of our surroundings affects our daily life. Environmental health has always been a top priority. However, in the face of extensive cleaning, even a large number of sanitation workers feel unable to clean their work quickly and completely. Fortunately, the presence of vacuum trucks relieves the pressure of cleaning. Vacuum trucks have the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self-absorption, self-draining, and direct irrigation. Filled tank time: s5min, suction: ≥8m. It has the characteristics of long service life, fast working speed, simple operation, and convenient transportation. The main uses of suction trucks are cleaning urban sewers, sediments of pipelines, dredging of dead-end mud ditches, and can also be used to clean industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc., and can be used as sprinklers, water transport, and road flushing, in an emergency can be used to fight fires. This brings a lot of convenience to our life. 


Here are a few advantages of vacuum cars:

· Vacuum trucks are economical

· Vacuum trucks are practical

· Vacuum trucks are convenient

· Vacuum trucks are characterized by a wide range of characteristics


Vacuum trucks are economical

Vacuum trucks are more economical than other clean cars, have a vacuum design, consume less power than other clean vehicles, 

and can be transported more at a time than other clean cars, so they cost less to use. 


Vacuum trucks are practical

Vacuum trucks using domestic technology-leading vacuum truck vacuum pump, high suction force, long suction distance, especially suitable for the sewer silt extraction, loading, and discharge, especially can absorb sewer mud, silt, stone, bricks, and other large objects. Vacuum trucks have the same principle as dung trucks, but vacuum trucks have different uses than dung trucks. The difference is that the vacuum truck tank is a round tank with a tighter structure that can withstand higher pressure and more suction, which can be used to collect and transport sewage and sludge. Vacuum truckload compared to other cleaning vehicles, the body design is reasonable, reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, increase work efficiency, low requirements for operating drivers, the use of safety is relatively safe. A vacuum truck is mainly used to clean urban sewers, specialized parts by the force extractor, transmission shaft, vacuum suction pump, water gas separator, multiplex change valve, water tank, window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system, etc., and the pump is the use of domestic technology dedicated suction vehicle vacuum pump, The suction force is large and the suction distance is long, which is especially suitable for the extraction, loading, and discharge of silt in sewers, especially large objects such as sewer mud, silt, stone, bricks, etc. With high suction efficiency, self-absorption and direct irrigation, and so on, has been by the vast number of large, medium, and small towns sanitation, municipal, chemical, factory, and mining enterprises, property community pro-gaze. 


Vacuum trucks are convenient

Vacuum truck according to the worker's group, operating ability, and other tailor-made design, vehicle use is convenient, simple operation, low requirements for road conditions, the body is small can be parked at any time. Vacuum truck Box dirt can be dumped directly through the back cover, with a high vacuum (larger than fecal suction cup suction), large tonnage, high efficiency, a wide range of user characteristics. 


Vacuum trucks are characterized by a wide range of characteristics

Vacuum trucks are widely used in urban environmental protection construction, sewer waste disposal, community cleaning, sewage in septic tanks or sewers, contaminated soil on-site, saltwater at oil well drilling sites, or anything else. 


All in all, vacuum trucks complement other cleaning vehicles and sanitation workers to keep our living environment clean. 

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