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What are the standards for dangerous goods transport vehicles

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1. Metal carriages should not be used in vehicles transporting hazardous chemicals to avoid accidents caused by friction and vibration.When necessary, reliable protective measures should be put in place.

2. The barrier of the excellent dangerous goods transport vehicle is solid, stable and reliable, which ensures that the goods will not slip or fall when turning.The loading height of hazardous chemicals shall not exceed the height of the vehicle barrier.The floor of the carriage should be smooth, compact and seamless, which will not cause leakage of liquefied dangerous chemicals, friction with the transmission shaft and fire.


3. Transport vehicles should take shading measures or other protective measures when transporting hazardous chemicals in midsummer, or restrict overnight transportation.Transport of wet flammable goods should be equipped with tarpaulin and other rainproof facilities.


4. The transport vehicles should be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment and protective first-aid supplies according to the nature of the dangerous chemicals loaded for emergency use.A 1211, carbon dioxide or dry powder fire extinguisher can usually be mounted in or near the driver's cab.These fire-extinguishing equipment and protective first-aid supplies should be inspected regularly. If leakage, damage, deformation or weight loss are found and the barrel shakes with sound, etc., they should be repaired or replaced immediately to ensure that they are in good condition at any time.


5. The transport vehicle shall hang a special yellow and black signal flag with the words "dangerous goods" uniformly stipulated by the public security department in the front or obvious parts to attract the attention of other vehicles with obvious and eye-catching signs. Unrelated personnel shall not board any means of transport containing inflammable, explosive or highly toxic chemicals.

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