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CLW Dongfeng 14 Tons(12.5 cbm water +1.5 cbm foam) fire fighting truck

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CLW Dongfeng 14 Tons(12.5 cbm water +1.5 cbm foam) 6*4 fire fighting truck

Fire fighting truck is used exclusively for extinguishing or other emergency rescue. Fire fighting truck is currently most main tool for fire deprtments to fight fire , and is the most basic mobile firefighting equipment.According to the different types of extinguishing media, fire truck can be divided into water tank fighting truck, foam fighting truck, dry powder fighting truck, etc. We can manufacture kinds of fighting truck from 0.5ton  to  22ton, and we also can manufacturer  rescue Fire truck, communication command truck, inflatable Fire truck. etc.   


Product Notes: 

1. Capacity : 12.5CBM Water Tank, 1.5CBM Foam Tank

2. Passenger In Cab : Double Row Cab, About 5 People.

3. Advanced Technology In Special Automobile.

4. High Quality And Safety.

5. We have our own manufacturing plant to ensure the quality and production period. 

Specification of Dongfeng 14Tons fire fighting truck (Water+ Foam type)


Drive model

6*6, new condition , LHD

Max. Driving Speed(km/h)


Curb Weight(kg)


Overall Dimensions

(L x W x H)(mm)


Approach/Departure angle(°)


Wheel Base(mm)


Overhang (front/rear) (mm)


Wheel Track

 (front/rear) (mm)




Four-door overall long-head double-row cab,

all-steel frame welded structure.

Seating settings

2 people in the front row and

3 people in the back row.


In addition to the original vehicle equipment, 100W alarm, rotary warning light switch, power take-off control switch and indicator light.




MAX Power(HP)


Intake form

pressurized medium cold

Maximum output power




Emission standard

Euro 3

Cylinder Number


Cylinder arrangement

in line

Minimum fuel consumption at full load


Engine form

Vertical, inline, water cooled, four stroke, electronically controlled direct injection

Engine net weight


Noise outside one meter


Cylinder x stroke


Rated Speed(RPM)


MAX Torque(N.M)


MAX Torque Speed(RPM)






8 forwards & 1 reverse

Running system

Leaf Spring




Tank parameter

Water volume(m³)

14 CBM(125000 litters water +1500 litters Foam)


4010*2150*1450 mm water tank

482*2150*1450 mm foam tank

Material of the water tank

The overall phosphating treatment of carbon steel, the design thickness is 4:4:3 (base plate: side plate: anti-sway plate).

Material of the foam tank

The overall phosphating treatment of carbon steel, the design thickness is 4:4:3 (base plate: side plate: anti-sway plate).

Tank fixing

steel joint with the chassis frame


Manhole: Set one DN450 manhole with quick lock/open.

Overflow port: Set one DN50 overflow port.

Remaining water outlet: Set a DN40 water tank to drain the water port with a ball valve.

Water injection port: Connect one DN80 interface on the left and right sides of the car with a cover.

fire pump



Flow rate

low pressure 60L/s



Water diversion time

≤35s (when the suction depth is 7m)

Installation form

rear type

Foam proportional mixing system

Form: manual foam proportional mixing system, mixing ratio 3%, 6%

 Model: PH48, the assembly is outsourced.

piping system

External water inlet pipe

The outer diameter of the pump inlet pipe is Φ150mm, and it is equipped with a total of 8m suction pipe.

Inner water inlet pipe

1 Φ150mm rear inlet water, the tank enters the fire pump, installs 1 Φ150mm butterfly valve, connects the liquid tank and the water pump

Water outlet pipe

※ The pump has two Φ80mm ball valve controlled branch outlets (small cover seal);

※ The pump has two trunk outlets controlled by Φ65mm ball valve (squeaky cover);

※ One Φ100mm gun line adopts Φ100mm flexible joint and is controlled by Φ100mm ball valve.

Water injection pipeline

※ One Φ50mm internal water injection pipe can directly inject water into the tank through the water pump;

※ There is one Φ65mm outer injection port on each side of the body;

Remaining water pipeline

In order to protect the water pump and each ball valve, install a drain valve at the lowest point of the pipeline.

Cooling water line

In order to make the power take-off work to cope with various complicated situations, it is equipped with a cooling water pipe and a stainless steel ball valve.

Foam line

high quality steel pipe and stainless steel ball valve.

power take-off


sandwich full power


manual control

Cooling method

forced adjustable water cooling

Lubrication method

splash oil lubrication

fire cannon


PL48 fire truck special foam fire cannon

Flow rate



water ≥65m foam ≥60m



Rotation angle

360° horizontal, -30° to 80° pitch

Mode of operation


equipment box and pump room


The skeleton and skin are made of high-quality steel, and the pump house siding, equipment box bottom plate and four-wall panel are all high-quality steel plates.


The pump room and equipment box are all-steel frame welded structure, and the left and right sides of the equipment box and the left and right sides of the pump room have aluminum alloy curtain doors.

Additional electrical system

※ The front end of the cab is a long row of warning lights.

※ There are two strobe lights on the two sides of the vehicle. Safety signs are installed below, with front and rear position lights, one turn signal on each side, and lights in the passenger compartment, equipment box and pump room. And in line with the provisions of GB4785.

※ The alarm power is 100W; the alarm, warning light and strobe circuit are independent additional circuits, and the control device is installed in the cab.

※ Additional instruments and switches are arranged on the control panel to facilitate operation.

The instrument panel is equipped with: one vacuum gauge and one pressure gauge; one fire pump tachometer; two liquid level indicating devices; pump room and equipment box light switch, etc. (the instrument panel is located in the pump room).

Manufacturing process

1. The whole vehicle paint adopts domestic high-quality paint;

2. All operating switches, instruments, equipment and vehicles have nameplate signs that conform to the specifications;

3. The performance of the whole vehicle complies with the provisions of GB7956 "Fire-fighting performance requirements and test methods for fire engines";

4. The liquid tank meets the requirements of GA39.4-92;

5. The roof is provided with a protective fence and an anti-slip pattern board;

6. There are upper and lower ladders on the right side of the rear of the vehicle.

Equipment layout requirements and configuration standards

※ Use any equipment within 2 movements on the ground or on the pedal.

※ The equipment is compact in layout, securely clamped and easy to access.

※ Fix all equipment in the equipment table with special fixtures for anti-rust, anti-vibration, anti-shedding and anti-scratch.

※ The spare tire is installed under the rear of the car.

※ Conventional equipment: see attached list

Truck documentation

※ Chassis instruction manual

※ Chassis quality warranty card

※ Chassis maintenance manual

※ Chassis certificate

※ List of vehicle tools

※ Fire truck handover list

Quality assurance

In order to implement the "customer first" principle, the factory is committed to serving the users, responsible to the users, satisfying the users, and making the users feel at ease, and solemnly promises to you:

1. Strengthen quality management, establish a sound quality system, ensure that users are provided with qualified and satisfactory products, and ensure that manufactured products meet national standards and contract requirements.

2. The main assembly parts such as the chassis and fire pump, power take-off and fire cannon are handled according to the “three guarantees” principle of the original manufacturer.

3. The shelf life of equipment boxes and pump rooms is 1 year. The non-human causes of damage and production quality during the warranty period are responsible for free maintenance.

4. Electrical appliances, fire-fighting equipment, and hydraulic systems are wearing parts with a shelf life of three months.

5. The materials supplied by the factory are only charged for materials after the warranty period.

6. Our factory is responsible for free maintenance within one year if it is defective or damaged due to design and manufacturing.

Service commitment

1. The factory implements long-term after-sales service and implements the “4-hour response system”.


2. Guarantee to provide users with high-quality pre-sale, in-sale, after-sales service, introduce users to the performance and use requirements of the products, provide relevant technical information, be a good user's staff, freely carry out necessary product use knowledge training for users and Equipment maintenance.


3. During the use of the product, the quality problem is found. Within 4 hours after receiving the notification from the user, a reasonable opinion is made, and the technician is dispatched to solve the problem in time.


4. Training program

(1) Pre-delivery training: Users can send trainees to our factory to participate in vehicle production during the production period of the vehicle. Our factory provides all the conveniences for the students to master the technology.

(2) Delivery training: Our factory is responsible for on-site guidance, including chassis driving, pump piping, additional electrical appliances, additional transmission, additional cooling operations, and other precautions.

(3) The manufacturer is responsible for promptly solving the problem during use.


5. Consumable parts supply plan

(1) Contact the chassis consumables with the local chassis factory service station.

(2) Special equipment for fire protection, such as water pump, gun, power take-off, etc., after we receive the fax from the user, we will contact the supporting factory in time to provide services according to Article 5.

(3) Others such as special light bulbs, fire-fighting special instruments, etc., after we receive the user's fax, provide services according to Article 5.

Our Service:

1. Factory direct supply: reliable quality and fast delivery;

2. Warranty: From the date of receiving, in normal use within 30000km or within one year, we will repair for free, but the wearing parts and electrical parts are not included. After one year, we only charge cost when the question occurs;

3. Tracking service: lifelong

4. Chassis question: when the question occurs, please find the local nearest Service Station for repair or maintenance, or call us if the local have no Chassis Service Station;

5. Spare Parts: Superstructure spare parts is sent by ourselves, we only charge cost; Chassis spare parts is sent by the local Service station, if the local have no chassis service station, please call us freely.

6. OEM Ability: We can customize the truck according to your request, such as material, size, color, paint, logo, etc.

7. Warm tip: please operate, use, and maintain the truck according to our manuals and Instructions. When the question occurs, please call us freely.

Company Introduction:

CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD , which is appointed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, is a big manufacturer producing many kinds of special trucks. Our leading productions contain more than 300 types of trucks such as water truck, sewage suction truck, garbage truck, road sweeper, fuel tanker, chemical liquid truck, concrete mixer truck, LPG tanker, dump truck, refrigerated truck, etc.We have registered trademark "CHENLIWEI" and the products code is “CLW”. We have solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipments, reliable quality and flexible modes of operation. What's more, we have roundly passed the certification of ASME, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and the China 3C Certification (China Compulsory Certification), etc.


 CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD is the most important partner of DONGFENG, FAW, JAC, FOTON, SINOTRUK and other Automobile Company. It not only design, manufacture and test all kinds of special automobiles and fittings accurately as per the customer’s request ,but also provide all spare parts.


 CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD is located in SUIZHOU City, HUBEI province, China, the native place of YANDI SHENNONG, and the Capital of Special Truck. Welcome the friends from all over the world to SUIZHOU! To our factory, you will be received the most enthusiastic reception.

CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD . is looking forward to your visiting. The reliant quality, excellent service and reasonable price are the promise we keep.

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