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lpg trailer and lpg dispenser truck

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lpg trailer and lpg dispenser truck

Semi-trailer: a semi-trailer is a trailer with axles behind the vehicle's center of gravity (when the vehicle is uniformly loaded) and equipped with a coupling device that transfers horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor.

Features: compared with "monomer" cars, semi-trailer can improve the comprehensive economic benefits of road transport.Transport efficiency can be improved by 30-50%, cost reduced by 30-40% and fuel consumption reduced by 20-30%.More importantly, the use of semi-trailer can also play a certain role in promoting the organizational form of logistics in China.

Purpose: semi-trailer is mainly used for transporting large cargo, such as excavator and so on, palisade type is more suitable for pulling fresh cargo, such as vegetables, fruits and so on.

Semi-trailer is also used to transport lpg.

LPG Dispenser Trucks:

Dispenser gas and transport two functions.The main configuration consists of truck pump, a flow meter or a dispenser, a reel gun or a discharge pipe

Truck pump: force by PTO or motor drive (external power supply is required)

Flow meter: volumetric flow meter and mass flow meter dispenser: mainly measured by liters, can be replaced by weight to measure.

3. Reel gun: 15m rubber hose + punching head

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