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Why do you have to warm up the refrigerated truck in winter? Do you know?

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   As a necessary tool for cold chain transportation, refrigerated trucks are needed even in winter. However, when we open a refrigerated truck in winter, we must first warm the truck. Why? Many friends are not very clear, after reading we hope that we can help you all.

   In winter, the temperature is low. Whether it is a refrigerated truck or other special vehicles, customers and friends must understand the situation of the winter truck, which is beneficial to the maintenance of the life of the refrigerated truck and the vehicle. The refrigerated truck is different from other special vehicles in multiple compressors. The engine drives two compressors at the same time, so special attention must be paid to the operation and use.

   The driver driving the refrigerated truck warms up the truck first, then drives again. Because the weather is getting colder, if the truck is not driven warmly, it will cause great damage to the engine.

   Due to the low temperature in winter, the normal operating temperature of the engine is around 90 °C, thus forming a huge temperature difference. If you drive directly on the road at this time, it will seriously affect the operation of the engine.

   Therefore, the original winter warm truck is necessary. The so-called warm truck is the place where the engine and the gearbox are preheated after the engine is started and before the truck is driven, for example, one or two minutes.

   Warm up for a while, preferably within three minutes. In-situ winter warm-up can't be more than three minutes. After one minute, you can slow down, but not too fast. This will ensure that the hot truck is uniform and will not hurt, and it will protect the engine. Do not open the heating after getting on the bus.

   In the winter, many truck owners are eager to drive while on the train. In fact, this is wrong. The refrigerated truck heating receives heat from the engine's waste heat. When it arrives at the truck, the refrigerated truck is in the warm-up phase, not the normal operating temperature, so opening the warm air will increase the cooling water circulation line, which increases the warm-up time.

   When the engine is operated at a low temperature for a long period of time, the fuel consumption is greatly increased due to the large concentration of the mixed gas. Therefore, do not rush to use the warm air after driving, which will not only cost oil, but also can not achieve heating effect.

   Therefore, it is necessary to remember to carry out the warm-up work in the winter when refrigerating trucks are opened. Only in this way can we ensure that our refrigerated trucks can run smoothly and also maximize the service life of the refrigerated trucks.

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