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Wrecker truck

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Wrecker truck

Wrecker truck

It is composed of chassis, lifting device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, vehicle body and toolbox, etc. It has multiple functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction, and is suitable for obstacle removal operations on expressways and urban roads.


Operation guide

 1. Connect the brake pedals when the wrecker is walking on the road.

 2. Correctly adjust the brake system of the wrecker.

 3. Check the vehicle condition and tire inflation before driving the wrecker.

 4. Turn on the headlights and flashing lights of the wrecker when walking on the road.

 5. The logo of "slow-moving vehicle" shall be hung at a conspicuous place at the rear of the wrecker or trailer.

 6. If the load weight of the wrecker [2] is greater than that of the wrecker, do not drag it down the slope.

 7, drag heavy objects uphill and downhill hang the same file.

 8, when the wrecker engine stop device to maintain a good working condition.

 10. Keep the battery and starting system of the wrecker in good working condition.

 11, suddenly start the wrecker, be sure to neutral, turn the crank in the driver's seat.

 12, double equipment must be equipped with audible reversing alarm

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