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Water tank truck basics: water flow and tonnage are the key points

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Water tank truck basics: water flow and tonnage are the key points

   Water tank truck range from 2 tons to more than 30 tons, but many people don't know how many tonnage sprinklers should be purchased. This article will give you a reference.

   Water tank truck basics: What is the water flow rate of the sprinkler? It depends mainly on the flow of the sprinkler pump loaded on the vehicle, as well as the number of sprinkler heads, and the throttle of the sprinkler engine.

     Each sprinkler is equipped with a sprinkler pump on the bottom of the tank. The vehicle engine drives the power take-off. The power take-off drives the drive shaft. The drive shaft drives the sprinkler to work, so that the water in the pipeline is sprayed out. The flow rate of the sprinkler directly affects the water flow of the sprinkler. The pump flow can be seen from the model of the sprinkler. As for which type of sprinkler pump to use, it depends on the volume of the sprinkler tank.5 ton and below sprinklers are generally equipped with: 65QZ40/50 self-priming sprinkler pump with a flow rate of 40 cubic meters per hour, ie: 666 liters / minute, equivalent to 11.1 liters / sec; its lift is 50 meters;The 8 ton and above sprinklers are generally equipped with: 80QZ60/90 self-priming sprinkler pump with a flow rate of 60 cubic meters per hour, ie: 1000 liters / minute, equivalent to 16.6 liters / sec, with a lift of 90 meters;Some sprinkler customers also choose: 65QZ50/110 self-priming sprinkler pump, the flow rate is 50 cubic meters / hour, that is 833 liters / minute, equivalent to 13.8 liters / sec, the lift is 110 meters.

     When you see this, you may ask: Is there a problem with this flow? Is it possible to use a 5 ton sprinkler to calculate a can of water for only 7 or 8 minutes? ! Actually, because the inlet and outlet diameter of the pump is 65mm or 80mm (2.5 inch or 3 inch), the sprinkler nozzle cannot be so large, so the water flow of the pump does not represent the water flow of the sprinkler unless you are connected externally. Fire hose or water pump for pumping or spraying water. Therefore, under normal circumstances, a 5 ton sprinkler can be sprinkled for 20-30 minutes at a time. The working speed of the municipal sanitation sprinkler is about 15-20 km/h, and the speed can reach 40 km/h, so that a 5 ton sprinkler is counted. A tank of water can only sprinkle up to 20km.

    The sprinklers come standard with 4 sprinkler heads: three-bend front punch, rear sprinkler, duckbill side spray, high-pressure water cannon, each with a separate pipe ball valve to control the opening and closing of the nozzle. The more sprinklers are opened, the greater the water flow, the more the water pressure is dispersed, and the road flushing effect is reduced accordingly. This is why some sanitation sprinklers use only one front punch for road sprinkling. But this is a good thing for green sprinklers. Plant watering does not require much pressure. Installing a sprinkler can alleviate the problem of excessive water flow impact, and it can increase the amount of watering. Therefore, the high-level shower position of the green sprinkler is generally 2 nozzles, and often customers will require 3-4 nozzles. This is the reason.

    In addition, the greater the pressure of the water in the sprinkler pipe, the greater the water flow will naturally increase. The way to increase the water pressure of the sprinkler is to increase the throttle, but for the sanitation road sprinklers in the driving process, the working speed is generally limited.

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